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Umbro to unveil new Canadian soccer kit

Umbro Canada is all set to unveil their latest master piece which will be sported by the Canadian National Teams. The red kit will be worn by Canada in 2015 Women's World Cup.

Umbro Canada's most recent offering in action
Umbro Canada's most recent offering in action
Canadian Soccer Association Flickr by USSF

Umbro Canada are at it again bringing fans of the Canadian National Teams another reason to spend their money.  On Wednesday at noon (Eastern) they will present their newest offering to the public which will be available at B.C. Place during the CanWNT game and  online during the day for those hoping to purchase it.

With Umbro launching a new white kit in 2013 this week they will be replacing the red kit.  It will be the third different home kit since Umbro returned to making the kits for the CSA and will hopefully continue the trend in the right direction.  There was the chevron kit to start with which was followed up by the simple red kit with white piping on it and now we are in for something new.

The new kit will get its first action on Wednesday night as well when the Canadian Women's National Team take on Germany in a friendly at B.C. Place.  The Canadians will certainly be in tough against one of the top sides in the women's game but it is a safe bet that they will at least look good.

Thanks to Jason deVos on twitter we have a taste of what the new kit is going to look like before the official launch.  It appears the kit will have a simple red collar with white trim with the Canadian flag featured prominently just below the collar on the back.  It is only a small taste but so far it looks very promising.

We will have more images when they become available but for now it is time to get excited about another way to spend some of your hard earned money.  Safe to say that no matter how it looks it will be another piece that I have to add to my collection in time for the two World Cups on Canadian soil.