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Canada vs Germany: Game Thread

Do you feel like you're just not quite getting enough international football these days? Well you're in luck as the Canwnt is playing in Vancouver, against Germany.

Who's next for Buchanan
Who's next for Buchanan
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Canada vs Germany
BC Place, 10pm Eastern
Sportsnet One
Voyageurs viewing party (tradition suggests featuring Kadeisha Buchanan's family) - Duke of Gloucester.

For a variety of reasons, general busyness, my parents visiting on vacation, that World Cup thing, this game being out in Vancouver and thus out of my general sphere of noticing things, this Canada friendly has really sprung up on me.

So, um, a game thread intro. ok then. Um, World Cup 2015 preparation, towards a grand but, trying to find 2012 Christine Sinclair and figure out how to make her work with 2014 Canada. Kadeisha Buchanan's continued awesomeness. Remember when Canada tied the states? Hey, a new kit. Maybe the Owl mascot thingy will be there! Throw something together out of all those plotlines and you've got yourself a preview.

For an excellent proper preview, check out Benjamin Massey over at Maple Leaf Forever, apparently Germany are ridiculously good, let's just hope Canada can do better against Germany than Portugal did. Boom. Portugal slam! We'll have team news when it hits twitter, and chat throughout the game, or as long as I can stay awake, all this football and drinking is really taking it out of me. Join us then. In the meantime, here's some videos the CSA uploaded to youtube, Canadians putting their game faces on and all that.