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World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 8 Open Thread

Spain, Australia and Cameroon are out. Today, England or Uruguay could be on the brink.

San Iker? More like sad Iker.
San Iker? More like sad Iker.
David Ramos

Well, yesterday was when things got serious, some people are going home. First up was Netherlands vs Australia, another fantastic game as the Aussies gave it their all, including going 2-1 up at one point before Holland fought back to win 3-2, some great goals in that one and another good showing by Australia who have 0 points but can definitely hold their heads high.

After that it was Spain vs Chile, after some Chilean fans stormed the media centre. Spain gave another chance to Iker Casiallas in goal and again it didn't work out as he didn't look good, and Spain just never really got it going ahead of him either, missing plenty of good chances. Chile won 2-0. RIP Tiki Taka? Obviously not, but sadly age and tactics caught up with this great Spain team and once again they looked very ordinary.

So Group B, 2 games in is decided. 6 points each for Chile and the Netherlands, they'll play later for first place, 0 points for Spain and Australia, they're both going home, with a meaningless game to be played between them.

Back to group A, and Cameroon vs Croatia, lose and go home. Cameroon lost it big time. Eto'o didn't play, Alexandre Song's red card was even more pointless than Pepe's, and they started fighting among themselves at the end. The result? 4-0 to Croatia.

So, Mexico and Brazil both have 4 points, Croatia have 3, with Mexico playing Croatia and Brazil presumably beating Cameroon in the next round, so still plenty to play for there.

Up today, Group C and D. First up at 12, Colombia vs Cote d'Ivoire, both who currently have 3 points. and at 6 pm, Japan vs Greece, both of whom have 0 points, so they'll both be desperate for the win to keep their hopes alive.

Talking of desperate, the other game is group D, England vs Uruguay. Both teams have 0 points, so a defeat would mean they'd be left desperately hoping for the right result when Italy and Costa Rica play tomorrow. The big question there, is Luis Suarez fit enough to play and potentially derail England's hopes?

Either way, things are heating up, calculators are being put into action and it's all boiling up nicely isn't it, this jjust continues to be a fantastic world cup.