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World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 11 Open Thread

The last of the second round of games, and the US have the chance to qualify early.

Good squatting Bradley, good squatting.
Good squatting Bradley, good squatting.
Kevin C. Cox

It's Sunday morning, I'm hungover and not in good shape, this will be what they call phoning it in.

Yesterday saw a team confirm qualification, a team get knocked out and a couple of almost great results. First up Iran took on Argentina and somewhat understandably parked the bus.  Very successfully I might add, keeping Argentina out for the full 90 minutes while also forcing the best saves of the game to be made by the Argentinian goalie. Sadly for Iran, there's such a thing as injury time and happily for Argentina there's such a person as Lionel Messi, and he scored a very nice goal in injury time the bastard. That 1-0 win means Argentina have 6 points and are definitely through to the next round.

The next game saw Germany take on Ghana and Ghana were 2-1 up and dancing until Germany brought on Miroslav Klose who did what he does and scored within a minute or so to tie the game at 2-2 and also tie fat Ronaldo for the most world cup goals ever, at 15.

Then Nigeria beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-0 in a game that I did not see a second of, as I was out, diligently working on today's hangover. The internet tells me Peter Odemwingie scored in the 29th minute. That means Bosnia and Herzegovina are now definitely out.

Today we start by leaping ahead to group H, Belgium take on Russia at 12 Eastern, then it's South Korea vs Algeria at 3. Then at 6 it's back to group G as Michael Bradley and the US take on Portugal. A win there would guarantee qualification, and guarantee Portugal's elimination, so that's what I'll be cheering for. Ronaldo may or may not be playing, Pepe definitely isn't. Clint Dempsey might be in a mask, Altidore's definitely out, intrigue abounds.

USA! USA! USA! etc.