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The Vocal Minority Podcast. Episode 43 #BigKnots

Live from Spain, Italy and England's pile of tear laden kits, it's the Vocal Minority Podcast!


Yes, the latest Vocal Minority Podcast is back once again for your listening pleasure. TFC's back, everyone's excited about that, especially Tony who's excited about a new addition to Toronto's midfield, but first there's still plenty of world cup analysis to be done. Mark revels in the success of his Uruguayan heritage, Duncan finds some surprising options for England fans to turn to and #Concacaf brings out the sweary in everyone. Much to Kristin's chagrin, we learn pretty much everything can beome a Greek or Brazilian joke, and oh yeah, Clint Dempsey's got a new rap album coming out.

This week's Bitchyblanks question: As a response to Clint Dempsey's upcoming rap album 'Redux', TFC's marketing department is putting together a boy band, that will be called ______?  Answers to @voclminoritypod on twitter, or in the comments section here if you prefer.

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As always, get used to it Toronto.