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Toronto FC @ New York red Bulls: Game Thread.

It's just like watching Gree-eece! Follow the action here as Ryan Nelsen takes his tough to beat team in to Harrison to try and keep them in the playoff positions.

Martin Bazyl

Red Bull Arena, 8pm Eastern
Sportsnet One/World

NHL Draft NHL Schmaft! World Cup, Schmorld Cup. It's been a pleasant distraction but now it's back to the daily grind of what really counts, the MLS season. Fewer fancy dan good players, though hey Jermain Defoe, Thierry Henry and maybe Tim Cahill, there's some good, if somewhat aging, star power there, so there's potential for a bit of culture shock when it comes to the quality of play. Of course with TFC there always is that potential, Ryan Nelsen concentrating on making his team hard to beat, and hey with 10 points from the last 4 games before the break keeping the grumblers away from calling for his head, who cares if it's hard to watch.

For today's game I think the usual plan of keeping it tight defensively, not taking too many chances and hoping to get something on the counter attack isn't a bad one. New York at home, you'd think they'd be going for it so there should be a) the need to defend, and b) plenty of chances for counter attacks so it could work.  Also, let's look back at TFC's recent results in New York shall we? Going backwards starting in 2013, lose 2-0, lose 4-1, lose 5-0, lose 1-0, lose 5-0. So yeah, keep it tight is probably a good idea, coming away with a point should probably be looked at as a good result. For a fuller preview, you can click here for our storystream that has all the usual pre game articles and podcast you'd expect.

Anyway, yes, the team is called 'New York' and they play in Jersey, but everyone knows it's a hipster sport, and where the new york hipsters live, so to quote Masai Ujiri - "Fuck Brooklyn!"

We'll have team news here when it hits twitter and commentary and chat and world cup comparison shock throughout the night in the comments section. It'll probably be grim, join us.