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World Cup Brazil 2014: Day 18 Open thread, Netherlands vs Mexico, Costa Rica vs Greece

Brazil continue to advance without impressing, Colombia continue to advance And impress. Up today, Netherlands vs Mexico, then Costa Rica vs Greece

Ian Walton

Well, the extra tension of the qualifying rounds didn't do anything to stop the excitement on the first day of the round of 16. Brazil vs Chile kicked things off with all the loud anthem singing and atmosphere you'd expect and this was a great game for twitter jokes. First up David Luiz 'scored' which amused many people, though of course he didn't score, that was an own goal and it's preposterous to say otherwise. Then some comedy defending allowed Alexis Sanchez to score the equaliser, cur the 'Bendik would have saved that' jokes, combined with some local journalists showing off their apparent lack of a sense of humour by taking it seriously and repeatedly arguing the fact.  Hulk scored but Howard Webb disallowed it which was a bonanza for twitter, hulk jokes and Howard Webb not favouring the home side shock/favouring the side in red/will have to be helicoptered out of the country if Brazil lose jokes as well. Lovely.

Eventually it went to extra time, Chile hit the bar and then it went to penalties. Julio Cesar (TFC! TFC! TFC!) saved 2 and Brazil won 3-2. A huge relief but once again they don't look like a side that's going to win the whole thing do they?

After that it was Colombia vs Uruguay, and James Rodriguez with a fantastic first goal, and less fantastic clinching second goal to pout him at the top of the golden boot race with 5. Uruguay go home not exactly covered in glory, Colombia keep on going and look very very good. Though obviously they're going to outplay Brazil in the quarter final and still somehow end up losing.

Moving on and if yesterday was all Conmebol all the time, this time we have two Concacaf vs Uefa clashes. Netherlands vs Mexico first up at 12 in what's definitely the sexier of the matches. the Dutch will be the favourites, but Mexico have looked good so far, tying Brazil, beating Croatia, there's more than a chance for an upset here.

After that at 4 it's Costa Rica vs Greece, and if you had money on either of these teams making the quarter finals well congrats, you've probably done quite well for yourself.