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Fantasy Free-Kick Week 16

First place is holding strong coming out of the break, new weekly winner, who's hot who's not and what to do with your TFC players.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy football is back! Who needs that World Cup. Ok so maybe some people forgot that MLS started up again this weekend but Canadian Bacons didn’t. With a very solid 78 points they held onto first place in the standings. As for the weekly winner, while g3toutmykitch3n may be a TFC supporter, business is business when it comes to fantasy. With four Impact players in their lineup his Wiedeman FC was able to claim the high score in the league this week. Troy Perkins, Hassoun Camara and Jack McInerney all scored 14 points and with the armband on Jack Mack that 14 became 28. From there it was all about consistent scores from the remainder of the squad and that's how you get 93 points!.


Chivas’ Erick Torres picked up right where he left off. With another goal in round 16 he now has 10 on the season. His price has already increased by $0.2m this round and with a DGW this week he will likely get bumped another $0.1m, the max allowable per round.

Also in preparation for their DGW Harry Shipp and Jeff Larentowicz are also hot commodities on the transfer market. With 350 managers transferring them in for Chicago’s double game week both are budget friendly options.


Wham, bam, thank you Jack. Montreal’s Jack McInerney leads all players in drops this round. Even a 2 goal performance isn’t enough to keep McInerney from being dropped by over 500 teams this round. With Chivas up next for the Impact it may not be a bad idea to hang onto McInerney for another week.

With the news that Fabian Espindola is going to miss 6 weeks of action it comes as no surprise that he is the only other player being dropped at the rate McInerney is. At $8.8m owners need to swap him out ASAP or they will risk losing out on replacing him with a someone as capable as he is.


TFC have their first of five DGW’s in the second half of the season this round. It sounds like a broken record now but Joe Bendik is still one of the best buys in fantasy. A starting keeper on a team that is currently in a playoff spot, with 21 games left to play and five DGW’s left all for under $5.0m. Get on Bendik quick because once’s Starting Lineup is back you can bet Jason Saghini and Andrew Wiebe will mention him. Once that happens Bendik is headed for $5.5m range.

Here are the top 10 in the WTR League: