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Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact - Second leg. Game Thread

It all comes down to this 90 minutes, (plus extra time? plus penalties?) to decide whose name goes on the Voyageurs Cup again.

Martin Bazyl

Voyageurs Cup Final: Second leg
Montreal Impact vs Toronto FC
Stade Saputo. 7:30 Eastern
Sportsnet One and Sportsnet World
Stream -

So here we are then. After TFC, meek in starting lineup and performance, wasted a great chance to kill off the tie/smartly rested some players to give themselves the best possible chance in multiple competitions (delete as appropriate) and came away from the first leg with a 1-1 tie, it's second leg time.

TFC have actually made it to Montreal, after a ridiculously long flight, and so tonight we'll figure out a bunch of things.

Most obviously, who are the Canadian Champions, off to carry the flag against New York and CD Fas in what's probably as easy a CCL draw as could have been hoped for.

Also, just how serious are TFC about this competition right now? The lineup Ryan Nelsen puts out should tell us plenty about TFC's priorities as an organisation, whether they see the V-Cup and the CCL as worth battling for, as an inconvenience to be avoided, or somewhere in between? With a bye week coming up, it's probably safe to say Frank Klopas will be going for it in this one, anything to keep Joey Saputo happy and his job safe.

Other questions we might get an answer to; Can Gilberto score? Is the more lively De Ro we've seen the last couple of games for real, can he keep it going? Will Joey Saputo take to the pitch to argue with Ryan Nelsen? and more than likely, how seriously will Jermain Defoe take his warming up knowing he's never going to come off the bench? Finally, who will be proved right in the great WTR comment-a-thon war between Sven87 (and others) and g3toutmykitch3n (and others). Was the unambitious hanging in there and hoping merely to survive the first leg with a somewhat rested team a good plan? Or was it a wasted opportunity leaving a bitter taste. Tonight we get the unequivocal, definitive debate ending proof (or no, you know, it's the internet.)

Click here for a fuller preview, then join us here for lineup related controversy and in game commentary, and hopefully another trophy at the end of it all.

Come on you Reds!