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The Vocal Minority Podcast. Episode 40 #Mitsou

Live from Collen Warner's brother's wedding, it's the Vocal Minority podcast!


The latest episode of the Vocal Minority is now out and ready for your listening pleasure. Covering the Voyageurs Cup final (Recorded on Tuesday, we nailed the gnawing sense it was all going to end in failure, though we were very off with the speciifics), the Columbus game and looking ahead to the San Jose game, all wrapped up in the usual nonsense. Mark is back, and crams 3 weeks worth of pent up content into 3 minutes, two Montreal games means the whole thing descends into Mitsou flavoured anarchy, and the prediction Liga just keeps on getting sloppier. It all leads to Kristin trying to go on strike in a desperate attempt to regain control. #Mitsou

This week's Bitchyblanks question: Jermain Defoe was so excited to win the Trillium Cup that he called Roy Hodgson and said ________? Answers to @voclminoritypod on twitter, or in the comments section here if you prefer.

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As always, get used to it Toronto.