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Toronto FC trade for Dominic Oduro. Alvaro Rey to Columbus.

A trade is on the way, with Dominic Oduro announcing on his twitter that he's heading to Toronto. Alvaro Rey is headed the other way in what appears to be a straight swap.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

At the time of writing, nothing official has come out from either club (presumably making sure everyone involved in the trade is aware of what's happening and prepared to say the right things to the media) but Dominic Oduro announced via his twitter that he's been traded to Toronto FC.

So far, there's no talk from the usual suspects on twitter as to what exactly TFC is giving back, hopeully it's one of those trades where we give up the lesser player and throw in a draft pick or allocation money, rather than us getting Oduro and something for a better player, but I guess we'll find that out soon enough.

Edit: Talk on twitter now that it's Alvaro Rey going the other way.

As for how Oduro will fit in, well the one thing everyone knows about him is he's quick, so if you're holding out hope for a change in style from Ryan Nelsen, probably for the best not to as this seems to be a doubling down on Nelsen. Oduro's speed should work well on the counter attack and for chasing down hopeful long balls.

Depending on who's going the other way, it definitely brings up questions given that there's already Gilberto and Luke Moore vying for time alongside Jermain Defoe. Another alternative of course is that he'll take one of the winger positions, a more dynamic option than Alvaro Rey or Jackson. When the Issey trade went down, many people said it was probably just one of a few moves, this one might address the lack of numbers on the wing that that trade caused.

We'll have more up later when the full details of the trade are known, For now, I'm not entirely thrilled with this, the only noteworthy thing Oduro's done all season is shave his hair to look like Pizza, that doesn't fill me with hope.

Edit: Here's the official confirmation. As usual detals not disclosed as per blah blah blah, here's Tim Bezbatchenko with a few words.

"Dominic is a player that we have had our eye on for quite some time, and we are pleased to finalize this deal and bring him to Toronto FC,"

"He is a player that has a tremendous amount of speed, and adds a lot to a team's attack. His experience in MLS is another important factor as he has proven that he can consistently score goals in this league from a variety of positions. Dominic is a welcomed addition to our club. We'd also like to thank Álvaro for his contributions to Toronto FC and wish him well in his future endeavours."

And here's some brief thoughts from Patrick Muldan of Massive Report.

Oduro is a streaky forward who can play right wing. He's known for being blazing fast and using that to get behind the defense. He will try to push the ball past opponents and run on to it. He does struggle with the technical aspects of the game. His passing is generally accurate, but he can spray the ball a little. He also struggles with his touch, especially in traffic. He can be effective in the league, but he didn't fit Gregg Berhalter's system. He's not a hold up forward and he struggles with the possession game. He needs a more wide open style that plays to his strengths.