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Toronto FC vs San Jose Earthquakes: Game Thread.

Follow all the action here as TFC try to go into the break on a high note.

Can Doneil strike yet again?
Can Doneil strike yet again?
Martin Bazyl

Toronto FC vs San Jose Earthquakes

BMO Field, 4pm Eastern

Here we go, one last game before we're all forced to take a break and have to make do with that world cup nonsense. One more game to revel in the silky skills and flowing play of our beloved reds and the mesmerising beauty of the MLS game. Or not, this one could be ugly as San Jose aren't the pretties of opponents and TFC, well they're TFC, and as evidenced by the Oduro for Rey trade, don't be expecting them to change the way they play any time soon.

But 3 points would make all the ugliness really not count, and really there's no reason they shouldn't be able to get those. San Jose, especially San Jose without Chris Wondolowski are nothing special so TFC really should be looking at this as a team that's there for the taking. Will Dominic Oduro come straight into the lineup? If so, can he make a difference right away, give TFC a bit more directness and attacking intent as opposed to the more ponderous skills of Alvaro Rey?  Collen Warner is apparently not otherwise engaged, hopefully he can be the dependable ball winning central midfielder who might free up the others. Or not, who knows really, our best hope is probably that the US team gets knocked out early so Michael Bradley can rejoin TFC as soon as possible. Though 7 points in 3 games without him suggests we're doing just fine, that's probably more to do with the schedule finally easing up after a tough first few games.

Anyway, it seems like a lovely afternoon for a game of football. Warm enough for the comfort of the fans, without being the kind of heat that would make Robbie Keane get all sweary, so at the very least we'll be able to enjoy that.

For a fuller preview, know your enemy, vocal minority podcast and all that, click here for our full storystream of the game. As always we'll have team news when it hits twitter and commentary and nonsense throughout the game, joine ud for that.

Come on you reds!