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Canada announces squad for Canada 2014 U20 World Cup

Some familiar names, and some hopefully soon to be familiar names, here's Canada's squad for the U20 World Cup

You like World Cup's right? Yeah you do. Well while you're felling all warm and fuzzy about that one that just happened down in Brazil, why not move your attention right on to the next one. Yes I'm talking about the u20 Women's World Cup which is rapidly approaching right here in Canada.  You probably know many of the details by now, schedule, tickets all that sort of thing, but if not, you can find all that sort of thing out here.

Today though we found out the details of Canada's squad (that will be playing their first two games right here in Toronto) in an announcement curiously timed for 8am up in Vaughan. You can see the presentation in the video below with highlights and memories from when Canada last hosted this (well, the U19 version) in 2002 as well as the announcement of the team. Anyway, here's the squad chosen by Andrew Olivieri:

1- GK - Kailen Sheridan | USA / Clemson University
2- D - Sura Yekka | CAN / Brams United
3- D - Kinley McNicoll | USA / University of Wisconsin
4- D - Kylie Davis | CAN / Comètes de Laval
5- D - Kadeisha Buchanan | CAN / Ottawa Fury FC
6- D - Rebecca Quinn | USA / Duke University
7- M - Ashley Campbell | CAN / Toronto Lady Lynx
8- M - Jessie Fleming | CAN / London NorWest SC
9- F - Nichelle Prince | CAN / Toronto Lady Lynx
10- M -Ashley Lawrence | CAN / Ottawa Fury FC
11- F - Janine Beckie | USA / Texas Tech University
12- D - Victoria Pickett | CAN / Glen Shields
13- D - Lindsay Agnew | USA / The Ohio State University
14- M - Vanessa Grégoire | CAN / Comètes de Laval
15- D - Jordane Carvery | CAN / Glen Shields
16- M - Sarah Kinzner | CAN / Calgary Foothills
17- F - Amandine Pierre-Louis | CAN / Comètes de Laval
18- GK - Marie-Joëlle Vandal | CAN / Dynamo de Québec
19- F - Valérie Sanderson | CAN / Comètes de Laval
20- M - Emma Fletcher | USA / Louisiana State University
21- GK - Rylee Foster | CAN / Woodbridge SC

Name | Birthyear | Hometown
Agnew, Lindsay | 1995 | Dublin, OH, USA
Beckie, Janine | 1994 | Denver, CO, USA
Buchanan, Kadeisha | 1995 | Brampton, ON, CAN
Campbell, Ashley | 1994 | Bradford, ON, CAN
Carvery, Jordane | 1996 | Richmond Hill, ON, CAN
Davis, Kylie | 1994 | L'Ile-Bizard, QC, CAN
Fleming, Jessie | 1998 | London, ON, CAN
Fletcher, Emma | 1995 | Victoria, BC, CAN
Foster, Rylee | 1998 | Cambridge, ON, CAN
Grégoire, Vanessa | 1996 | Pointe Claire, QC, CAN
Kinzner, Sarah | 1997 | Calgary, AB, CAN
Lawrence, Ashley | 1995 | Caledon, ON, CAN
McNicoll, Kinley | 1994 | Oakville, ON, CAN
Pickett, Victoria | 1996 | Barrie, ON, CAN
Pierre-Louis, Amandine | 1995 | Laval, QC, CAN
Prince, Nichelle | 1995 | Ajax, ON, CAN
Quinn, Rebecca | 1995 | Toronto, ON, CAN
Sanderson, Valérie | 1995 | Deux-Montagnes, QC, CAN
Sheridan, Kailen | 1995 | Whitby, ON, CAN
Vandal, Marie-Joëlle | 1995 | Longeuil, QC, CAN
Yekka, Sura | 1997 | Mississauga, ON, CAN

There's a few names you'll recognise if you follow the senior CanWNT team, with 3 of them playing and looking good in the defence in recent games. Sura Yekka and Abby Wambach's own personal tormenter Kadeisha Buchanan in particular have looked very very promising, as has Rebecca Quinn and and at this age level they have the potential to form the majority of a dominant defence. Ashley Lawrence and Nichelle Prince have both made a few appearances for the main team as well though with less impact, while Jessie Fleming, only recently turned 16 is generally talked about as the most skillful up and coming player Canada has, something she showed off in patches in games for the senior team earlier this year. Plenty of others have as you'd expect represented Canada at different age levels, many at the U17 world cup earlier this year.

I'll not pretend to know that much about many players on this team yet, or exactly what their chances are and how strong of a squad this is relative to the other teams, but I'm looking forward to finding out more. Being impressed, noticing players to keep an eye on in the future, and years down the line being able to smugly say 'yeah, i remember seeing her at the U20 tournament, knew right away she'd be a star' is half the fun of youth tournaments. Best of luck to them all, hopefully some force their way into the team for the 2015 World Cup.