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Toronto FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps: Game Thread

Follow all the action here as TFC take on the Whitecaps for the only time in the league this season.


Toronto FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps
BMO Field, 8pm Eastern

Sadly it's only once a year we get to play Vancouver in the league and this year it's a home game. Once again just like in 2012, it's a midweek game, hopefully it'll be as entertaining of a finish as that one was back in 2012 when Terry Dunfield popped up at the last minute to win it. That one was actually a bad game, dull first half, TFC losing and bad enough that halfway through the 2nd half and nothing happening some fans (as led by now Vocal Minority Podcast member Mark Hinkley) could start and get through the entirety of Bohemian Rhapsody, before it exploded for 2 goals in the last 20 minutes, then 2 more in injury time, ending with the aforementioned Dunfield goal.  Something like that again would be lovely, especially as I missed it back in 2012.

There's more than just the usual bragging rights between 2 Canadian teams on the line as well as there's also 2015/16 CCL qualification on the line with Canada's spot that year going to whichever teams ends up highest in MLS, and really that's going to be a 2 horse race really isn't it.

Who knows what we'll see here really, both sides will presumably be trying to preserve their squads a bit through a heavy schedule with games against teams from their own conference for both sides on Saturday so there could well be weaker lineups put out and that might lead to a good game, it might not.

On another fun note, it's Italian Heritage Night. What joys might that bring?

Anyway for a fuller preview, know your enemy, all that sort of thing, click here for our storystream. We'll have team news when it hits twitter, and chat throughtout that game and all the usual post game articles up after.

Come On You Reds.