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Toronto FC 2:2 Houston Dynamo: Quotes, highlights & summary

Dominic Oduro once again put Toronto level with the Houston Dynamo late in the first half, but the club failed to build on it drawing 2-2 in Houston. Gilberto had the first goal for Toronto while Giles Barnes and Will Bruin scored for Houston.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This time the second half outburst wasn't to be for Toronto FC, after once again equalizing late in the second half against the Houston Dynamo, in Houston on this occasion. But the 2-2 draw was hardly a bad result after once again allowing themselves to fall behind early in the first half. The draw brings the club to 7-5-5 on the year.

In a deja-vu fashion, it was Dominic Oduro who tied the game just before the halftime whistle off of a nice bit of work from Luke Moore. Gilberto had the other goal for Toronto FC, his second of the season and first from open play. Will Bruin and Giles Barnes scored the first and second goals respectively for the Dynamo.

A full report on this match will be posted later on in the night. But hey, didn't you hear Gilberto actually scored from open play! So why not check that out below:



Thoughts on the match

I think any time you play Houston in July a point's a pretty good result. They've got a phenomenal record here. The first goal we conceded was a bit of a mix-up, put us back and then obviously missing a penalty doesn't help. We had more than ample opportunities to win this game, but in saying that, credit to the fellas. They know now that we can- we always look a bit dangerous, always look like we're going to score goals-and they've got themselves back, especially playing here when you go back twice.

On Gilberto's performance

I thought Gilberto was fantastic tonight-I thought he was magnificent, actually. His goal was a well-taken goal, some of his runs off the shoulder. Remember, he hasn't had many minutes. Especially with the humidity, I would have liked to keep him going but he was just starting to fade. I thought that 65 minutes would do him a world of good and the goal was good as well.

On Joe Bendik rebounding from the early mistake

Both keepers did and both had to. You always need him in a game like this when it's going to be hot and humid and the guys have just played 90 minutes and the travel. There's going to be times where it's more a concentration thing and Joe, when called upon, made some good saves.


Thoughts on the game

It's a game where I thought we could have walked out of here with three points. Obviously Houston came out, and got a goal off of our mistake. It's one where we'll look back, and think we probably should've gotten three points especially where we're at in the standings it would've been a big three points.

On coming back to Houston

Oh I always enjoy coming back here in this stadium. I feel like I helped establish this stadium so that's a good feeling more so for the future, and the next generation. To see those kids out there from the Dynamo Academy, the ones I saw practice, and try to help mentor. To have a professional facility like this, and an environment, and a great training ground is great for the fans, great for the soccer community in Houston.


Thoughts on the game

Yeah I mean obviously we knew Houston was going to come out, and be aggressive. We knew they were going to play us hard to get three points. We were just trying to settle in, and attack when we got chances. We were trying to hold off as much as we could, and that's exactly what we did. That was our game plan.

On scoring against your former team

It's always good to score against your former team. The whole idea of it boosts you up a little bit, but I always want to score against any team no matter what. Sometimes when it's against your former team its bittersweet.


On what lead to the Toronto goals

I don't know, honestly I don't go back and analyze it right away. I thought on the second one they got a little bit of a lucky break, and their guy made a good strong run on the end line. I just don't think we recognized the danger soon enough, and that's what lead to it.

On what you're telling the team in the lockerroom

I thought we played well, I think the goalkeeper bailed them out a couple of times. He made real good saves on Giles (Barnes) and Will (Bruin), and I think we had the edge on corner kicks and the rest of it. We were pressing for that game winner, and we created chances. I thought we were better defensively in the second half, we just couldn't get that game-winning goal in the second half. We're getting close to getting those three points, it's just evading us right now. You have to keep working hard, be confident, and want it so bad that's it's going to happen.

On if not having the entire unit has affected the team

Yes and no. I mean you make a defensive substitution three minutes into the game so that's kind of odd. Every team goes through it, and once you step on the field you have a job to do. It's not like we're asking many guys to do something they're not used to doing, whether it's in college or this level. It is frustrating we've talk about it enough. You would like to see the results of your conversations, and pointing out mistakes, saying okay we need to do this or we need to do that. That's the frustrating part because we are identifying it, but we're not correcting it enough.


Thoughts on the game

It's definitely frustrating. The way I look at it is defensively we let the team down, and that's just how it goes. Offensively we're creating chances, we're scoring goals, but defensively we're not getting the job done. You can dominate the game all you want, but if they're continuing to score it doesn't mean anything. I think defensively we need to improve, communication everything. Two soft goals, two goals that can be easily fixed. That's all I have to say.

On what happened on the second goal

Well it's like Dom said, Luke Moore makes a run, and for starters we were too high. With a minute or two left you kind of be compact. Going into halftime with the lead I think we were too high. Luke Moore makes a run behind goes around AJ (Cochran) I try to step to it, but I just remember the guy had too much time in the box. It's shocking defending at this level. You're going to pay, and that's what's happening right now. We're not defending properly, and we're giving up soft goals. We keep saying the same thing game in and game out, and it's really frustrating.


HOU- Bruin 11'

TFC- Gilberto (Morrow) 18'

HOU- Barnes (Clark) 26'

TFC- Oduro (Moore) 45+2'

Misconduct Summary:

TFC- Henry (Caution) 58'

HOU- Ashe (Caution) 79'

TFC- Bradley (Caution) 79'

TFC- Oduro (Caution) 81'

TFC- Defoe (Caution) 88'


Toronto FC: 7-5-5 (26 pts)

Houston: 5-11-4 (19 pts)


Toronto FC- Bendik, Morrow, Orr, Henry, Haglund, Warner, Bradley, Osorio (Lovitz 70'), Moore (De Rosario 80'), Oduro, Gilberto (Defoe 63')

Unused Subs: Konopka, Morgan, Bekker, Wiedeman

Dynamo- Hall, Horst, Ashe, Brunner (Cochran 4'), Sarkodie, Davis, Clark (Driver 69'), Creavalle, Garcia, Barnes, Bruin

Unused Subs: Deric, Lopez, Ownby, Carrasco, Cummings