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Toronto FC vs Chicago Fire: Game Thread

Follow along here as TFC take their 5 game unbeaten streak into Chicago (kind of). Who needs that World Cup nonsense anyway, right?

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Fire vs Toronto FC
Toyota Park, 8:30 Eastern

Another break in the World Cup action, another TFC game to take the edge off, or to push you over the edge, who knows really? Coming off an impressive performance in New York, blighted by that old late goal thing of course but we shouldn't ignore the good stuff that was on show, and on a 5 game unbeaten streak, with the best points per game average in the East, things aren't looking too shabby right now for our beloved Reds. Hell, they even managed to keep some possession in a way that was threatening and looked like it could be a sustainable way to win football games on Friday, it's all a bit strange really.

Can they keep it going against Chicago? You'd hope so, the Fire have been struggling to get wins all season so a positive result shouldn't be that much of a stretch to imagine. Sadly we won't get to see if the now back-monkey less Gilberto can go on some kind of goalscoring streak as no sooner has he got started than that hip flexor injury has flared up again so he'll be missing this game. There may well be other shuffling going on what with another game on Saturday and a busy July ahead, but hopefully there'll be enough continuity that we get to see more of that slightly evolved game again. Not for the prettiness, for the effectiveness. TFC looked very good when trying to pass it around New York, when they fell back on relying on the quick counter attack (end of the first) or just hoof it anywhere bunkering (end of 2nd) is when it all went wrong. Less of that stuff please.

For more pre game reading, click on our storystream here for Kristin's preview, a couple of know your enemies for James and of course the latest Vocal Minority Podcast.   We'll have team news when it hits twitter and the usual chat, commentary and nonsense throughout the game. Join us.

Come on you Reds!