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Toronto FC vs Tottenham Hotspur. Whoop-de-doo.

There's a TFC game tonight, whatever, let's just hope no-one gets injured.

TFC have brought Ryan Richter back for this one.  Ooh, aah.
TFC have brought Ryan Richter back for this one. Ooh, aah.
Toronto FC vs Tottenham Hotspur
BMO Field, 7pm

Alright, well I suppose I should acknowledge the elephant in the room if only to poke at it, insult it's dumb big ears and hope it never comes back. I'd quite like to just ignore it, but feel some sort of obligation to speak up and register my dissatisfaction, lest my silence be taken as some sort of tacit endorsement/acceptance, as if I did actually get used to it. You occasionally see recognition of the vocal segment of TFC supporters that don't like this sort of thing, so despite management not caring at all I'm sure, I like to do my bit to keep that going rather than just completely ignore it.

Anyway, yeah, Spurs are here. whooooo.  And various other big name, exciting proper clubs are over here and there's 6 different games being televised in the states tonight and ugh. Just ugh. Once again the message gets hammered home that MLS doesn't matter, these other teams, these are the ones you should be getting excited about. Once again we'll get served up nonsense about how all this bending over somehow improves TFC and MLS's standing in the world, as if now they really really respect us somehow, as if these games in any way mean or prove anything.

Once again we'll get the players lined up to do their pr duty and talk about how it's a great experience and a great benchmark for them, as if everyone isn't playing at 60% power anyway. For TFC we'll also no doubt get more of how this is such an emotional reunion for Jermain Defoe with his old team. Personally I prefer this quote from Defoe over all the other one's we'll no doubt be subjected to;

"Obviously you could say it's a game that we don't need," the English star said. "But at the end of the day, what can you do as players? We just get on with it. It's important to, I suppose, stay professional. You've got to do your job. And if we've got to play, we've got to play. It's not going to be as serious, I can't imagine the tempo's going to be too high. But we'll still try to win the game. You still want to have that winning mentality, that every game you play, you try and win."

Wow, he cares, he really cares. you should too!

Given that he's suspended, why not let Defoe go out there and have a run around for the full 90 minutes or so. Let Andrew Wiedeman and Jordan Hamilton join him up front, keep Gilberto and Luke Moore fit and rested for the game that actually means something. Of course we'll probably see a mix of first teamers and benchwarmers/kids and then mass substitutions from both teams as the game goes on, and we'll be told that this is one of the biggest most important games of the season. Meh.

As for the argument that this is the price you pay to get Jermain Defoe, I have a hard time buying that it was any kind of stumbling block, that if TFC had said no and instead just offered more cash that Spurs would have refused the sale.

I'll never really see the value of these games, especially in the middle of what was already TFC's busiest month of the season. What happens on the field is completely unimportant and will be forgotten about quickly. It's not like anyone's going to get a Gabe Gala-esque moment out of it. 'I scored against Spurs you know' wouldn't elicit more than a shrug out of even the most knowledgeable, eurosnobby fan out there.  As always, it's a case of hoping that no-one gets injured, and that those first teamers who'll be playing on Saturday don't have to play too much here, that's all that counts.

Anyway, that's about as much of a preview this game needs, certainly doesn't need a seperate game thread article, so feel free to use this comments section for that purpose.

I'll close by playing nice and showing a great moment in Tottenham's history