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MLSE & Argos partner to build a new facility at Downsview Park

TFC get a new roomie at the Kia Training Facility as the Argos are set to move in.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Those that thought they were clear from the "Argos to BMO" talk got sucker punched this morning with news that MLSE is partnering with the Toronto Argonauts to build a training facility at Downsview Park, where TFC's training facility is located.

Here is the link to the full story:

Facilities will include the team’s locker rooms, therapy rooms and team meeting rooms. The Argonauts will license the Downsview CFL regulation turf football field already in place on the site. Offices for coaches will be housed within the current TFC facility. A new parking lot will also be installed for members of the media and fans who attend practices.

Would MLSE get involved with this if they were ready to move ahead with the BMO Field renovations without the Argos?  The answer is likely no.  The news today not only throws new kindling on the Argos being a resident of BMO Field fire but also that MLSE will step up and buy the Argos from current owner David Braley.

For Argos fans this is a lifeline and a glimmer of hope that their uneasy ownership status will soon be rectified but TFC supporters that would like to keep their Lakeshore home to themselves this story is another step closer to losing that "this is our house" feeling.