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The Vocal Minority Podcast: Episode 47 #OffensiveAccents

Live from Tottenham's, I mean TFC's, marketing's the Vocal Minority Podcast!


Yes, once again the latest episode of the vocal minority podcast is out for your listening pleasure. Going over the Vancouver and Houston games and looking ahead to the visit of the greatest team in MLS (Without Question)' while more or less ignoring that whole friendly thing.  How will Jacob Peterson injure himself to avoid having to come back to Canada? Is the wolf at Ol' Gil's door now the wolf on Ol' Gil's barbecue? Who will win the inaugaral Caldwell Arms sponsored best British accent competition? All this and much much more.

This week's Bitchyblanks question: TFC's friendlies used to be called the Carlsberg Cup, now they should be called ______?  Answers to @voclminoritypod on twitter, or in the comments section here if you prefer.

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As always, get used to it Toronto.