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Toronto FC vs DC United: Game Thread

Follow along here as TFC try to get a win in D.C.

Martin Bazyl

DC United vs Toronto FC
RFK Stadium, 7pm Eastern
Sportsnet 360

So, there was a big gap between the top 2 and TFC in 3rd and with a bunch of other teams coming up from behind. 2 games against those top 2 would have closed and extended the right gaps. The first one was on Saturday, ending in an undeserved defeat that saw SKC move 12 points ahead of TFC. Now here's game number 2, and a loss here would see DC move 11 points ahead. Meanwhile those clubs behind keep inching closer, Columbus getting a win to move into a tie on points, and TFC now just 3 points ahead of the 6th and 7th place teams.  Yes the performances have looked better but it's definitely time for results to follow.

Jermain Defoe is back so hopefully goals will be easier to come by, but at the other end Doneil Henry's suspension means we're now down to just one of 4 of the first choice defence out there, which isn't ideal at all really is it? Sloppy goals allowed had become the main thing holding TFC back even before all the injuries and suspensions, hopefully at some point that will stop. Tonight's as good a time as any.

For further pre game reading, check out our storystream for a full preview and know your enemy, and hey, why not see what DC thinks of us over at Black and Red United.   We'll have team news when it hits twitter and the usual updates and chat throughout the game that you'd expect from an away game. Join us here

Come on you Reds!