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World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 24 Open Thread Argentina vs Belgium, Netherlands vs Costa Rica

More quarter final action, can we get one last shock, or will we get a very predictable semi final line up?

Jamie McDonald

Well yesterday, things ended up about as you'd expect really didn't they. France and Colombia who'd looked good earlier on, went out to the eternal powerhouses of Germany and Brazil. The European game was a bit dull, the South American one was much crazier, but then got ruined by the ref.

The only really surprising thing is that the last time he went to ground, Neymar was actually injured, a pretty nasty knee to the back giving him a fractured vertebrae and he's out of the tournament, a great shame for him, for Brazil, and the tournament as a whole, they'll have a tough time beating Germany now.

Today's semi finals don't have the same appeal as yesterday's really do they. First up it's Argentina vs Belgium, which should be a relatively close match, but I really can't see anything other than an Argentina win there, just a question of how they do it, will it be another late late Messi inspired won a la Iran and Switzerland or a bit more efficient and comfortable.

After that, it's Netherlands vs Costa Rica, and surely this is when Los Ticos' run comes to an end. Of course they've been winning games they shouldn't (who's the only team to stop them, yeah that's right England! three lions! roar! etc) for a while now so who the hell is anyone to say that.

I just hope that one doesn't go to extra time as that could make getting to the TFC game a bit tough. Talking of TFC, I should go off and write something about that I guess.