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Toronto FC vs DC United: Game Thread

Follow along here as TFC take on potential playoff rivals DC United. That sentence doesn't sound right does it?

'You made me bleed my own blood!' Will Bradley let mere fatigue get in the way of revenge?
'You made me bleed my own blood!' Will Bradley let mere fatigue get in the way of revenge?
Martin Bazyl

Toronto FC vs DC United
BMO Field 7pm Eastern

Busy, busy day. Eugenie Bouchard lost the Wimbledon final, there's been 2 world cup games and now here you are, TFC are back at BMO Field for the first time in 4 weeks. To celebrate America there was bunch of games last night and the good news for TFC is that of the 5 eastern teams that played, none of them got 3 points, so a win today would put TFC into 3rd place with plenty of games in hand on those above them.

That is of course getting way ahead of ourselves, but just the fact of talking about a TFC win and feeling like it's not just possible, but something that actually should happen is starting to feel a little less weird, I could get used to this whole success thing.

One good bit of team news is that Luke Moore's red card got rescinded (I guess that was easier than giving retroactive red cards to about 4 Chicago players), so he's available for selection.  Good news, though it doesn't really help us with Saturday's second half does it? That does at least mean that we won't have to have the de ro or weideman alongside defoe question (presumably ol' Gil's still injured for this one). The other big selection issue is, is Michael Bradley serious about playing, he suggest he's ready to go, though I'd be surprised to see him so anything more than maybe come off the bench if we need him (the bring him on in the 88th minute when we're up 3-0 plan that Mike Petke had for Tim Cahill would be ideal).

Anyway, for more pre game reading and listening, check out our storystream for preview, how you doin'? know your enemy, vocal minority and all that good stuff.

We'll have team news when it hits twitter, and updates and chat throughout the game, join us then.