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C.D. Trofense confirm details of Hamilton loan

Portuguese club, C.D. Trofense, have confirmed a number of the details of their loan deal for Toronto FC forward Jordan Hamilton. The deal will run for the full season and includes provisions for a partnership between the two clubs and the option from Trofense to purchase the forward.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

As MLS fans most of us have gotten used to the fact that we get to know very few details when it comes to transactions.  It is the league's policy to announce as little as possible so things like the amount of allocation money switching hands, the details of contracts, and what sort of transfer fee was paid are often left to be the stuff of educated guessing.

In some cases though when a deal involves another party from outside of the league we get access to a few more details as they come out on the other end.  That is the case with the Jordan Hamilton loan deal as C.D. Trofense have made several of the key details public on their facebook page.

Trofense confirmed that the deal will run for the full season with Hamilton joining the club until next May.  The deal includes the option for the second division club to purchase Hamilton following the loan for a fee of two million dollars as well as a provision for Trofense to get a portion of the profits from any future sale of Hamilton to another club down the road.

The final detail that Trofense have confirmed is that part of the loan agreement is to establish a partnership between the two clubs.  The comprehensive partnership will allow for the future exchange of players between the two clubs as well as giving Toronto FC closer access to the Portuguese second division should they wish to bring players in from that league in the future.

Like most of TFC's other partnerships there is a chance that it will have very little visible impact but it should help expand the club's scouting network a bit further and give them a stronger foothold in another part of Europe which is certainly a good thing.  Considering the amount of young talent that comes through the Portuguese league system having a connection in place could be beneficial for both the buying and selling of players down the road.

For Hamilton this loan deal puts him in the shop window once more.  He managed to draw some interest from clubs in Europe following his strong showing at the Under-17 World Cup last year but chose to sign with Toronto FC after they offered him one of the more lucrative home grown player deals that has been seen thus far in the program.  If Hamilton can again play a starring role and find the back of the net on a consistent basis he will once again draw the interest of other European teams which could prove to be of financial benefit to both Toronto FC and C.D. Trofense.

The fact that the loan deal includes a provision for Trofense to collect a financial return from the future sale of Hamilton is a positive as they will be motivated to do as much as they can to gain him exposure and help in his development.  If they are hoping to cash in on his talent down the road the best thing they can do is ensure he gets plenty of playing time and has every chance to impress.

With the deal being structure the way that it is the worst case scenario is that Hamilton comes back to Toronto FC next may with a full season of experience under his belt.  It also assures that if he does not return it will land TFC a sizeable return for the teenager.

On the whole it seems like a deal that should be good for all parties involved.  Hamilton gets to test himself in Europe and continue his development in a competitive league.  TFC get a new partner club, the chance of a potential transfer fee, and crucial minutes for their most promising young player.  While Trofense get a talented forward to help boost their attacking options and the potential to get a few dollars from any future sale of Hamilton.