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Daily Red: August 18th

TFC loses a crucial one in Kansas, the U20 CWNT is ousted by the Germans, the U15 CWNT wins the inaugural CONCACAF Championships, and is it now time to panic in Reds Nation?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long weekend to forget for Canadian soccer fans, specifically in Toronto.  The Reds lost a crucial game against East leaders Sporting KC, and the U20 CWNT saw their hopes lost after a 2-0 defeat to Germany. However, this Daily Red looks at the bright side.  TFC lost a big game, but that doesn't mean their playoff hopes are gone too.  They still have 12 more games left and plenty of time to continue their fight for top spot.  All this team needs is to work together and work from both sides.  The back line is lacking with key injuries and lack of experience, and the mids have to come back and help support.  Theres still plenty of time for this team to come back from this defeat, so I believe it's not time to even consider panicking.

For the U20 team, they should be proud of what they did in this tournament.  They reached the quarter finals, which they hadn't done since 2004 and proved people wrong who said they wouldn't get out of the group stage.  They had to deal with the pressure of playing in front a home crowd, and dealt with it very well.  So well done ladies, you're making the women's program a better one, and one to look forward too.

Anyways, here's your quick Daily Red for today, hope you enjoy!

TFC coach says Reds 'need to harden as a team'

After Saturdays dismantling at the hands of the East leaders and reigning Champs Sporting KC, Reds coach Ryan Nelsen says his team needs to get closer together and play as one if they want post season success.  With a young back line filled with injuries, the team needs to help on both sides of the pitch.

Shorthanded Reds Learn Lessons From Adversity

Ryan Nelsen knew this season wasn't going to be easy, even with players like Bradley or Defoe.  TFC is a whole different team than last year's and they need to focus on their tasks and not get let down by a defeat like this.  The team has played very well this season and hasn't disappointed this Reds fan.  Nelsen knows its not time to panic yet and his team can still pull off a playoff birth if they just work as a whole.

Germany oust courageous Canucks

On Saturday, the U20 CWNT lost a heartbreaker to the Germans.  This team should not feel like they didn't put in a great effort considering its better than they did last tournament and they hadn't made the quarterfinals since 2004.  This team fought and fought and showed the women's team is going to look bright in the future.

Canada W15 wins inaugural CONCACAF Girls’ Under-15 Championship

The U20 CWNT put in a very good effort and fought until the end on Saturday against the Germans, but it wasn't enough to stop the German team.  However, Canada's women's teams shouldn't be all disappointed, with the U15 team winning the inaugural CONCACAF trophy.