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MLS wins and losses: week 23

Dallas, Real Salt Lake, DC United and Montreal win big ones, Espindola's back. Jon Busch might be embarrassed and is Landon Donovan the Crew Stadium of footballers? All this and more in the week that was in MLS.

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We'll start this week with the winners, and sadly that includes Montreal, who put an end to their 7 game losing streak with a 'tallest midget' win over hapless Chicago in the 'Klopasico' (h/t Charles Boehm). Ignacio Piatti played his first game, getting 54 minutes in and probably mildly impressing the Miami and New York braintrusts, and old man Marco di Vaio got the only goal.

Moving on, the biggest winners this week were Dallas who crushed the Earthquakes 5-0 in San Jose, with Canadian Tesho Akindele scoring a hattrick. Dallas are now unbeaten in 9, 3 points behind Real Salt Lake in the West and boom, they play each other this Friday which should be good. As for San Jose, that was the biggest defeat in franchise history, both original Earthquakes and new. Here's goalie Jon Busch talking about the game.

"They kicked our ass from minute one to minute 90"


"It's embarrassing. I'm embarrassed. Every one of us should be embarrassed. If I was a fan, I would be pissed off with that performance from every single one of us tonight. We've been on a roll and that was a kick in the nuts. It can't happen again. It's embarrassing."

Is he embarrassed? I can't tell.

I mentioned there Dallas v Real Salt Lake in a top of the table clash and that'll be the second in a row for RSL who beat Seattle 2-1 in last week's biggest game, Joao Plata getting one of the goals with a header, from a set piece no less, how does that happen?, and Chad Barrett scoring Seattle's goal, which i mention for no real reason, but hey, The Chad!

And mentioning top of the table clashes this week, there's another of them coming up over in the East. SKC will take on DC, who got things back on track after a couple of dodgy results and scored 4 goals this week, which sounds familiar for some reason. DC beat Colorado 4-2 and maybe the biggest thing for their season is that they have Fabian Espindola back up front. He scored one and almost got another with what would have been a fantastic goal using speed and strength to hold off 2 defenders, then skill to chip the goalie, only for it to hit the bar. They're now 2 points back of skc and they play each other this saturday.

The other notable game was in Columbus and the main talking point was the pre game Landon Donovan love in. After his retirement announcement, Crew coach Gregg Berhalter was all about honouring his former teammate at L.A, embracing Donovan's history at Crew stadium, mainly for the U.S of course. They gave him a framed photo and a piece of the net from what turned out to be his last international goal, the latest dos a cero game over Mexico from 2013. A lot was made of the shared history of Crew Stadium and Donovan and their respective places in the progress soccer has made in the U.S over the last decade or so, and rightly so, and to me it brings up an interesting comparison. Both undeniably important, groundbreaking even, to MLS and US Soccer, but both undeniably eclipsed by bigger and better things from overseas, and eventually also from within the USA, is Landon Donovan the Crew stadium of footballers?

Anyway Landycakes seemed genuinely touched, though he was probably less appreciative of the tifo the Nordecke unfurled later on celebrating Jurgen Klinsmann and 'new heroes'. That and the game itself as the Crew thumped L.A 4-1.

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