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Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact: Thread du Game

Follow along here as TFC take on Montreal in the house of cheese.

Martin Bazyl

Montreal Impact vs Toronto FC
Stade Saputo, 5pm Eastern

Bye bye, D-C-U, bye bye Sporting KC!  Is there anything Quebec's greatest cultural export Mitsou can't help to express?  Yes, after blowing 2 straight 6 pointers in the heavyweight prize fight for the Eastern conference crown, TFC are now very much consigned to the Club Supersexe mud wrestling extravaganza that is the fight for the lower hanging playoff spots. Being in a 3 way tie for 3rd place (including new England who just ended an 8 game losing streak for fucks sake) means points are now vital for TFC, not for hopes of distancing themselves from the pack, but for merely keeping their defensively sloppy, offensively challenged selves in the race.

What could be better then in a time of need like this than a game against a team with 5 straight losses, who just fired their sporting director, and handed the reins to the entire thing to the coach who's been here about 6 months and been pretty terrible at his job in that time. What could go wrong?  I'm sorry, did I say what could be better? I meant what could possibly be more likely to blow up in their faces and just inflict further damage? What better opportunity to drop completely out of the playoff places amid much merriment among our Montreal supporting amis?

July has left me bitter and twisted and expecting yet another defeat in an away game I'm travelling to watch. 7 points in 8 games, misfortune over most of the month leading to outright incompetence midweek has me experiencing flashbacks to 2010.

Hopefully I'm wrong, and TFC will finally get it right, beat up on a beleagured team and things will finally click and the triumphant march to glory will be properly kicked off  in Montreal. Or both teams will be horrible and nithing will be resolved either way. so many possibilities.

For further, less depressing reading, click here for our storystream, there's a podcast, a preview, know your enemy, smarter than mariner and all that usual stuff. We'll have team news when it hits twitter, and comments and chat and maybe the odd update from inside Stade Saputo during the game. Join us here, it'll be #Inhumane