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Fantasy Free-Kick Week 24

Things are heating up at the top. For the first time in a long time the Canadian Bacons are feeling the heat of the skillet that is the WTR fantasy league. Will they be able to hold on down the stretch or will they curl up and turn crispy?

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

A big double game week later and it is as tight as it’s been at the top of the standings for months. Canadian Bacons still holds onto first place but by the slightest of margins. After a 142 point week Fish and Chips FC has closed the gap to just a single point. Canadian Bacons have seemingly been in cruise control for quite some time the question now is will they be able to turn it back on now that there is someone breathing down their neck? It’s going to be an interesting final 10 weeks.

Triple digits scores popped up everywhere thanks to the double game week but no one in the WTR League did better than the 153 points that Rick Desousa’s RedsFC tallied. RedsFC must be an ironic name of sorts for this squad as Nick Hagglund and his 3 points were the only points any Reds contributed to RedsFC’s score. Perhaps a name change to CaliforniaFC is better suited for this squad this week with the 153 points coming largely thanks to the LA Galaxy trio of Omar Gonzalez (19 points), Landon Donovan (25 points) and Robbie Keane (42 points with the armband) and the Earthquake quartet of John Busch (7 points), Shea Salinas (7 points), Sam Cronin (12 points) and Chris Wondolowski (15 points). RedsFC score the 15th highest total this week in all of MLS Fantasy just 12 points back of the 165 point high score.


If you stocked up on Galaxy players for this past round you probably did alright and kudos to you as well for thinking ahead as LA has another double game week this time around. With back to back DGW’s there is a good chance you will see squad rotation this time around to give some tired legs a break. A full 180 minutes back to back weeks may not be something the legs of Robbie Keane can handle, especially with struggling Chivas on tap for the second game of the round. Use your transfers wisely and keep an eye on the lineups when they are announced on Wednesday.


I’ve been pounding the table for Gilberto the last few weeks so I’ll give that a break. Gilly is still at $8.1m and has scored at least 7 points in his last four matches. There I’m done talking Gilberto this round.

If you want to bring in some Reds this is the time. The upcoming schedule looks like this:

Round 25 – New England (H)

Round 26 – Philadelphia (A), Philadelphia (H)

Round 27 – Chicago (A)

Round 28 – Chivas (H)

That is a very friendly schedule for TFC, especially for defenders, where the most budget friendly Reds are. Mark Bloom ($5.7m) is back from injury, expect people to take advantage of his solid play and price tag in the coming weeks. If you have $11.2m the schedule ahead looks pretty good for the returning Defoe as well.

Here are the top 10 in the WTR League: