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MLS wins and losses week 25

Gifts, goals, superstars being superstars, milestones, records and blind draws. A wild week that was in MLS.

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Can't be bothered to read all this, with all it's words and links and stuff? Not to worry, you can listen to it instead, with the added benefit of 3 others interrupting, digressing and taking it in all sorts of weird directions! With roughly an hours worth of TFC insight and vaguely TFC related malarkey all around it! Sounds like fun, right? Then go check out the Vocal Minority Podcast. Or do both, I mean, you've already made it through this paragraph, why not keep going?

Well, this was a bit of a wild one really, lots of goals, some big wins and plenty of star players doing their star player thing. It all started in Colorado and the biggest starriest player of them all, Landon Donovan, continuing his retirement gift getting tour. The Rapids gave him what was described as a slew of gifts including a ski pass, a Vail Resorts gift basket and even a bottle of wine from Colorado owner Stan Kroenke’s vineyard.  He apparently was not moved to tears by this one and the ungratefulness continued as he scored the winner, LA coming back from 3-1 down at half time to win 4-3. In that game Edson Buddle got his 100th MLS goal, so well done to him.

It ended with San Jose continuing their slide, losing 4-2 to Philadelphia, though their star also did his thing, Chris Wondolowksi getting his 10th goal and becoming only the 3rd player to do that in MLS 5 years running after Juan Pablo Angel and former TFC player Carlos Ruiz. San Jose aren't all that happy about the defeat though, Jon Busch was presumably too embarrassed to talk, but inexcusable, frustrated, tired and soft were all added to the adjectives list by others. Sam Cronin said "Those were four of the weakest goals we’ve probably given up all year" while Coach Mark Watson added "We’ve got a tired, frustrated group right now. We just seem to not be doing the little things right now to get results in games."

In between there were all sorts of good games, including a Cascadia derby, which opened with a Timbers tifo of Dorothy setting fire to Emerald City. That backfired a little bit as Obafemi Martins helped Seattle win 4-2. It was the Sounders biggest star though who really put the dagger in, Chad Barrett scored the winner, and later tweeted the following:

Magnificent work Chad. Capping off a good week as he also scored midweek vs San Jose, his 50th MLS goal.

There was New York beating Montreal 4-2, Thierry Henry scoring and then yelling "I'm old, yes I'm old" at someone who'd presumably been picking on him a bit. Overshadowed somewhat by Bradley Wright Phillips who got 2 goals, tying then beating Juan Pablo Angel's record for the Red Bulls/Metrostars with his 19th and 20th of the season.

Moving away from milestones and records and the big winners were FC Dallas and DC United, who both went away from home and won top of the table clashes, Dallas beating RSL 2-1 and DC stuffing Kansas City 3-0, Peter Vermes describing his defence as absolutely horrendous.

Aside from all that, the main theme was a great week for the Eastern Conference behind TFC. As well as the Philadelphia and New York wins mentioned earlier, Columbus got a second straight win, 3-0 over Houston and New England beat Chivas 1-0. Chivas now haven't scored a goal in over 5 games, and are only 25 minutes away from beating the longest goalless streak of this season.

The other big win of course was the thoroughly and stupendously MLS way that the Jermaine Jones transfer saga ended.  He didn't have to go through the allocation order as he was above 'a certain threshold', (no-one knows what this threshold is and i'm pretty certain it didn't even exist until about a week ago and probably still isn't in any way exactly defined). Instead a blind draw was conducted (behind closed doors of course) and he was assigned not to Chicago who'd been pursuing him for a while and doing all the legwork for the deal, but instead to the New England Revolution. Bravo MLS, you've outdone yourself.