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The Vocal Minority Podcast: Episode 52 - #Prezbatchenko

Live from Tim Leiweke's farewell parade's the Vocal Minority Podcast!


Yes indeed, the latest episode of the vocal minority podcast is out to brighten your day. We had a good episode here, discussing the Chicago game, fearing the worst for TFC post Leiweke, looking ahead to new England, some of the usual nonsense and it was all nice and tight and under an hour. Then we added another segment to the rundown and peak malarkey was attained, essentially 20+ minutes of dumb jokes about all your favourite TFC players past and present, Yourassowsky, Borman, Dunfield, Aceval, Usanov, Soolsma and many many more.  I sadly have to report that I kind of fell apart towards the end of that, multiple fits of giggles, my lack of professionalism letting the entire side down. Anyway, by adding that in, there's an 83 minute podcast for you, you lucky bastards. Enjoy.

This week's Bitchyblanks question: Tim Leiweke brought bloody big deals to TFC, his replacement will bring _______? Answers to @voclminoritypod on twitter, or in the comments section here if you prefer.

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As always, get used to it Toronto.