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Toronto FC vs New England Revolution: Game Thread

Follow along here as TFC's stumbly injury riddled side takes on New England with 6th place looming threateningly.

Martin Bazyl

Toronto FC vs New England Revolution
BMO Field, 5pm Eastern
Sportsnet World, Sportsnet 360

The frustrating post World Cup break run of sputtering form and defensive mishaps continued last week, and just when it looked like injury issues were overcome, a bunch more arrived, Justin Morrow's new injury added to the recurrence, in their first games back, of Steven Caldwell and Jermain Defoe's respective injuries.

While Gilberto's fine form and partnership with Luke Moore, and the return of Bright Dike, have rendered the absence of Defoe more annoyance than disaster, Caldwell and Morrow both being out for long periods is much worse news. The defence has been remarkably shoddy for a while now, losing the organisation of Caldwell and the reliability of Morrow won't help with that. Given that by all indications the plan will be to have Mark Bloom switch over to the left back position, the right back position will also be weakened. The only regular first choice player out there in his regular position will be Doneil Henry, and there's plenty of issues there as well.

Not to worry though, as TFC are now ready to get serious. They're down to just their socks, It's business time. So said Tim Bezbatchenko, the time for gelling is over apparently, so surely only good things await us from here, the uncomfortable parallels to the 2010 season will end and the run to the playoffs will get back on track. No problem.

Or the arrival of Jermaine Jones , whether he plays a significant part of not today, will boost the Revs, and their attacking threats, Davies, Nyugen, Bunbury, Fagundez! and more will have a field day against a confused and unfamiliar defence and TFC might well end the weekend out of the playoff spots.

As I write this I'm watching Everton vs Chelsea which has been absolute nonsense, currently 5-3, both teams are defensively suspect, might we get something like that instead? Who knows?

Anyway, for more pre game reading and listening, check out our storystream here for a preview, Know your enemy, smarter than mariner and the vocal minority podcast.

We'll have team news when it hits twitter and commentary throughout the game, join us.

Come on you reds!