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Toronto FC fire Ryan Nelsen! Live Thread

There's a press conference called at 4 to make a coaching announcement. Reports are that pretty much everyone's fired.

Ryan, you're cut. Fran is cut. Jimmy, you're gone. Duncan, I like your hustle, that's why it was so hard to cut you.'
Ryan, you're cut. Fran is cut. Jimmy, you're gone. Duncan, I like your hustle, that's why it was so hard to cut you.'
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

So, I have a lazy Sunday morning, watch some football, read the paper, do the cryptic crossword, then at that point it's time for a nap. Wake up, thinking I should check in here and edit some posts from last night, see what people are saying about the game, check my email first and there's a press conference for a coaching announcement at 4, Bezbatchenko only. Go to twitter and there's reports that Nelsen and all his staff are being fired, with Jason Bent apparently the only one surviving the cull.

I guess this is what Tim Bezbatchenko meant when he said it's business time.  Ryan Nelsen's post game comments about how that business time comment was unnecessary and put unfair pressure on the players seemed a little petty and unwise at the time, but I guess that was just exposing what was apparently a wider problem.

I'm not entirely surprised by this as the club has been floundering a bit and they're getting awfully close to dropping out of the playoffs, and that really wouldn't do now would it given TFC's resurgence is one of the key facts and accomplishments Tim Leiweke has like to trumpet.

I'm not entirely upset about it either. Is it a ridiculously TFC thing to do, almost to the point of self parody? Absolutely. But was anyone really convinced by Nelsen. He showed he could tighten up a defence, but since the world cup break when he's tried to evolve the playing style a bit, it's been pretty pathetic really, yes injuries haven't helped but TFC look no closer to finding some balance and consistently playing well as a team than they did a few months back.

Was keeping Nelsen when Kevin Payne was fired the right thing? Was keeping him when expectations were ramped up by the big bloody deal signings the right thing? Maybe, maybe not, it's certainly fair and decent to give him a chance, but many, many people noted that it wasn't Beckham that brought success to L.A, it was Bruce Arena, and a lot of people seemed to think it was a matter of time before the big name manager was brought in here as well. Hopefully Leiweke can use his influence and find someone really good for TFC as one extra last gift before he leaves.

Not only is Nelsen fired, but apparently all his staff will be as well as per reports on twitter, the Globe's Paul Attfield saying Fran O'Leary and Duncan Oughton would be joining Nelsen in the unemployment lines as well.  Maybe having some experience rather than just hiring your friends (the 'a nice little club for him to learn something by' ethos surviving nicely) would have been a good idea.

Perhaps most surprisingly, this also includes Jim Brennan, the heart and soulpatch (h/t Kristin Knowles) of the club. Mr job for life, the cockroach who seemingly survives everything? I'll believe that when I see it.

Twitter also suggests that Greg Vanney, someone with actual football experience! and currently the head of the academy, will be taking over, at least on an interim basis.

Anyway, the press conference starts at 4, hopefully it'll be online to watch. At the very least, there'll be frantic updates on twitter, all the reporters there racing to tweet out the exact same comments.  So I'll be following along with all that here. Grab the popcorn, this could be interesting (though probably not, probably just full of professional 'we thank him for his time' comments and not a whole lot else.