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Fantasy Free-Kick: Week 20

This round's high scorer and the WTR Fantasy League standings update. TFC's fantasy MVP is sidelined for a few weeks, what do you do?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

No movement at the top of the table again this week in the WTR fantasy league as the top five spots all held firm. No Ordinary FC and Wiedeman FC swapped places at 6 and 7 while KicksandGiggles snuck into the top 10 this week. The top performer this week was Timelords managed by Claudio Meneses with 104 points. Claudio was the only player to crack triple digits in a DGW that was disappointing for more than a few players. Timelords was only let down by Jack McInerney and Perdo Morales this week. Everyone else his lineup scored no lower than 7 points and four hit double digits.


The big news that came out in TFC land was the two to three week injury that Jermain Defoe picked up in training ahead of the Montreal match on the weekend. Defoe has been the top fantasy performer on the season for TFC and his goals will be missed. At $11.3m most teams won’t hold onto Defoe for the length of time he will be out so best to act quickly and make your transfer.


What do you do if you have been counting on Jermain Defoe for your goals up front this season? Toronto FC is fortunate that Luke Moore ($7.2m) and Gilberto ($8.1m) both have been scoring as of late. Can they hold up for TFC and your fantasy squad? The best thing about them is that you will know that they will both get starts while Defoe is out in Ryan Nelsen’s 4-4-2 system.

In the Gilberto/Moore price range Joao Plata is the better buy at ($7.7m). Erick Torres has gone two games without a goal for just the second time this season. At $8.7m he’s cheaper than Defoe and based on his track record this season, he’s due. Dom Dwyer ($8.5m) hasn’t scored in a few games but don’t let that fool you, he’s played well and could have a multi goal game right around the corner. Of course there is always Bradley Wright-Phillips ($8.8m) who can’t stop scoring this season.

If you’re going to replace Defoe’s salary cap space dollar for dollar Robbie Keane is your man. It’s been a case of feast or famine for Keane this season with four games over 13 points and even a 20 pointer. At $11.3m Keane comes at the same cost as Defoe but the Galaxy has DGW’s in rounds 24, 25 and 27 so consider this an investment in your squad’s future. Keane, with the armband, gives you the opportunity to be the league’s weekly winner any week.

Here are the top 10 in the WTR League: