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Toronto FC @ Columbus Crew: Game Thread

Follow along here as TFC try for their 2nd win in a row and solidify their hold on 3rd place.

Martin Bazyl

Columbus Crew vs Toronto FC
Crew Stadium, 7:30pm Eastern,
Sportsnet 360

The big question here is just how much TFC's win last week owed to Montreal currently being a truly terrible team. ,Was that merely a pleasant one off, a bit of relief after a tough July that saw games in hand slowly disappear without points replacing them, that saw 2 consecutive 6 top of the table 6 pointers lost and that saw Kansas City and DC race off into the distance in the top 2 spots, TFC now relegated to the graceless scramble for one of the lower playoff spots?  Or was it the start of a better run? Is Michael Bradley back to his early season form? is the wolf at Ol' Gil's door fatally wounded? Can TFC get more points here and solidify their grasp on 3rd place?

Who knows really, but losing those 2 top of the table 6 pointers means that this is now very much a mid table 6 pointer. After today, TFC could be in 3rd and 5 points ahead of Columbus with 2 games in hand, or maybe they'll be a point behind, in 4th place and looking over their shoulders and checking on other team's results.

There is of course no Jermain Defoe again, so hopefully Gilberto or perhaps former Crew player Dominic Oduro can carry the goalscoring load. There's also still no Steven Caldwell or Mark Bloom, so more than likely we'll see local boy Nick Hagglund and Doneil Henry in the middle again, can they and the rest of the defence repeat their shutout form from last week in what should me a much tougher test?  Who knows? A win here would of course mean taking 9 points from 9 from Columbus which would be a stas both delicious and way more important than the already secured Trillium Cup.

For further pre game reading and listening, check our storystream for a preview, know your enemy, smarter than mariner and the vocal minority podcast.

We'll have team news when it hits twitter and comments and nonsense throughout the game, join us here.

Come on you Reds!