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MLS Wins and Losses. Week 27

Seattle win a bunch of things, Bruce Arena takes responsibility for his players being shit, Colorado don't lose! and more, in this week's wins and losses.

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Hmmm, how to call out the team while pretending to take responsibility?
Hmmm, how to call out the team while pretending to take responsibility?
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

This is usually where I'd tell you you can also hear this on the Vocal Minority Podcast. This week's episode had a lot of TFC craziness to talk about, so this bit got axed from the lineup, so this is the only place you can find it.  Still, go listen to the podcast anyway.

The biggest win of the week went to the Seattle Sounders, who beat Real Salt Lake 3-2 in a very entertaining game, RSL taking the lead, then Seattle leading, RSL going down to 10 men and Seattle eventually getting the winner in injury time. That meant that the Sounders mathematically clinched their 6th straight playoff appearance. I look forward to seeing how it all goes wrong this time.

They're now 3 points clear of the LA Galaxy at the top of the west, LA throwing points away this week with mere ties against bottom feeders. First off, Montreal, having to come back from 2-0 down to tie 2-2 leaving Bruce Arena blaming himself, kind of

"We don't have players that are capable of making the kind of adjustment I asked them to make to a back three, and that's my responsibility. I'd like to see that we have players that have a little bit of a better tactical feel, but it's obvious that some of them don't and it's not the appropriate formation to play, so that's my responsibility."

So basically, it's my fault....that you guys are shit.  Good blame taking Bruce.

They also only tied San Jose, 1-1 where Robbie Keane missed another penalty, he's now scored 1 out of 5 this season for various teams. Bravo Robbie. no word of elaborate retirement gifts or ceremonies for Landon Donovan in either game, which seems scandalously unappreciative.

Talking of weird penalty stats, Columbus had two penalties given to them and then reversed after the ref consulted with the assistant, in the same game against Houston, both off of 'non fouls' by AJ Cochran, which can't have happened often anywhere I don't think.

That game finished 2-2, as did Portland vs Colorado, the Rapids ending a 7 game losing streak, good for them.

Two 4 game losing streaks met in LA with Chivas USA taking on Sporting kansas City. The Sporks won 4-0, inluding a goal by Dom Dwyer that broke Preki's long standing single season record. Chivas of course are facing worse than a few defeats as a report came out in sports illustrated, which has in no way been denied by anyone official, that they're 99% certain to be put on hiatus for the 2015 season.

While Michael Bradley had the most interesting post game quotes of the week, I'll end with Jermaine Jones who was left ruing the lack of sportsmanship and the treatment he got from some mystery Montreal player (Callum Mallace) in the Revs 2-1 win over the impact.

"I don’t know the name of the player, but he tried maybe two or three times, without the ball, to kick me," said Jones who was subbed out of the game at halftime. "It’s not nice when you feel like you have players that try to hurt you and this guy tried to hurt me." Aaaaw.

There was also the US Open Cup final this Tuesday, which was won by Chad Barrett and the Seattle. Sounders earning a champions league spot for next year and their 4th USOC and the first trophy of a potential treble. Congratulations Chad.

And then, oh yeah, the MLS has a new logo, with a handy big blank space for them to brainstorm new rules when necessary. Practical. Enjoy this short video of it.  It features highlights of Jermain Defoe, and Chivas USA, so maybe they don't want to focus too hard on the 'what's next?' question.  Just a thought.

That's your MLS wins and losses for the week,