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The Vocal Minority Podcast: Episode 55 #Dramadome

Live from the back of the bus as Tim Leiweke drives it over the entire's the vocal minority podcast.

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Yes, the latest episode of the VMP is here for you to pleasure your ears with. We broke the bank to send Mark to London to try track down Jermain Defoe, with spectacular results. The rest of the panel dissect the latest Leiwekeleak (tm'd btw Toronto Sun!) as well as Nelson and Bez's words, while also reviewing the Chicago game and practically guaranteeing a win over Chivas USA. Kristin says we deserve what we get, Tony comes very close to turning up 24 hours early and Duncan absolutely nails a Wilmer Cabrera accent. #Dramadome

This week's Bitchyblanks question: Upon returning to TFC, Jermain Defoe will get re-injured doing ______? Answers to @voclminoritypod on twitter, or in the comments section here if you prefer.

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As always, get used to it Toronto.