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Notes from the Stands – Toronto FC v Chivas USA

Waking the Red's forum for discussing the off-field action around the latest match at BMO Field, where TFC beat Chivas 3-0 on Sunday

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Well that turned out well.

Truth be told, had it gone any other way, there would have justifiably been outrage, condemnation, and despair whirling around the club – even more so than usual.

Toronto FC handily dispatched Chivas USA on Sunday, romping to a 3-0 win. One can read about the game here or here, but this post seeks to get at what really matters, not the play on the pitch, but the action in the stands.

Sundays are Swell; Thunderstorms, eh?

At first it was a little weird to heading to BMO Field for a rare Sunday match – cannot recall the last time they played on a Sunday, but as the day transpired it turned out to be a lovely change of pace.

Traffic, such as it is in Toronto, was nowhere near as troublesome. Fans could even ride the streetcar across town – Queen, not King, though presumably it wasn’t that bad either – without fear of being caught in some fresh, unmoving hell, as the minutes to kick off nervously ticked down.

Then, after the match, since there weren’t a whole whack of games to rush home to watch, those same fans (hi) could enjoy a leisurely route home, stopping to enjoy the early evening with some friends and some poutine. Smoke’s now has a ‘Wow’ size, which is apt to the name.

More Sunday matches please; the non-materializing thunderstorm made it all the more enjoyable, though slightly sunnier than forecast (and necessary).

The Fans Show Up

Yes, it was probably not a ‘sell-out’ as announced; even if it was, (ticket sales technicalities being what they are), there is absolutely no way that the stadium was full. Regardless of that trivial matter, those that did come to support brought their efforts in full force, responding to Michael Bradley’s request that the fans back the team in this, their time of need.

They brought with them some streamers, which no doubt helped spark the result – prove it wrong - and sang their hearts out throughout a warmer than expected match; all that despite the flow on the pitch being less than desirable.

The setting off of a smoke-bomb after the second goal, with half-time seconds away was a little poorly planned, as the clouds billowed through the South End as the players left the pitch.

Beer Me & Celebrate

Reportedly, Tim Leiweke treated the fans in the north to a round of drinks just as last-call was sounded, which is nice. But the rest were left un-sated, thirsty and still a little miffed about some of the comments and confusion surrounding the whole Bloody Big Messy un-Deal.

When Gilberto scored his goal, not only did he leap over the advertising hoardings to celebrate with the fans, but he continued to do so most gregariously, with some sort of basketball move/jump shot-thingie. Is good old Gil trying out for the Raptors, looking forward to the upcoming NBA season, or welcoming his countryman Bruno to town? Who knows? He can celebrate however he likes as long as he is scoring… though he may see the wrath of the DisCo for leaving the pitch; bizarrely the referee did not take any action, despite that being one of those very obvious automatic situations.

What did you spot from the afternoon at BMO Field? Did you enjoy the Sunday change of pace? Anyone get a free beer? Or understand what Gilberto was on about?