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Fantasy Free-Kick Round 28

WTR League round up. Weekly high scorer and top of the table update. Who's hot? Who's not? Some big names are being dropped by the masses.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The top of the WTR Fantasy league has returned to the status quo as Canadian Bacons holds onto the top spot for a second straight week. Fish and Chips FC fell a little further behind this round but remain within striking distance as the season comes to a close. Climbing the mountain to take the high score this round was Sporting Shananigans managed by John R with 97 points. A strong front line of BWP, Robbie Keane, with the captain's armband, and Joao Plata got Sporting off on the right foot. A strong supporting cast of Diego Valeri, Nick Hagglund , Bobby Boswell and Joe Bendik lifted John's squad to the top.


Surprise, surprise Seattle Sounders dominate the transfers this round as the Sounders are the only team with a DGW this round. Clint Dempsey ($10.5m), Obafemi Martins ($9.6m), Lamar Neagle ($7.5m), Stefan Frei ($5.2m), DeAndre Yedlin ($7.4m) and Chad Marshall ($8.7m) are all at the top of the transfer list. Hat-trick and golden boot leader Bradley Wright-Phillips ($8.9m) is the only non-Sounder in the top 7 transfers this week.

With Dallas and Chivas on the schedule this week it is easy to see why managers are bringing in as many Sounders as possible. Beyond this round Seattle has Colorado, Vancouver and a home and home with LA to close out the season. No matchups to be afraid of from a Seattle attackers standpoint. If you're loading up on Yedlin, Marshall and Frei jumping ship before the last two matches is the move there.


Who are players dropping to add Sounders this week? Thierry Henry ($11.0m), Pedro Morales ($8.5m), Chris Wondolowski ($9.6m) and Landon Donovan ($12.0m) are all the top drops this week.

Henry has LA, Houston, Toronto and Columbus in his next four games and could light it up in any and all of those matches. Wondo also has some great matches remaining with Colorado, Portland and Chivas remaining.

Both Morales and Donovan have dropped in form somewhat over the past few weeks. Outside of a 12 point performance against San Jose Morales hasn't posted double digits in six matches. Since lighting up the league for 75 points in five matches it's been three games since Donovan posted double digits. That is apparently enough for managers to drop Donovan faster than Klinsmann and the US national team did. With that said, given the price that adding Sounders will cost this week it doesn't come as a shock that high priced, big name players are on the drop list this week.


Keep holding out for that DGW coming for TFC. Outside of that there likely won't be much value in TFC players down the stretch. Gilberto is still bagging goals but there are forwards that are cheaper and outperforming him. Defenders like Hagglund and Bloom can provide bench depth at under $6.0m.

Here are the top 10 in the WTR League:

# Team Manager RD TOT
1 Canadian Bacons Matt Train 62 2,019
2 Fish and Chips FC Ian Kane 56 2,007
3 Toronto Hammerheads Seth Greenan 91 1,967
4 cWah eXpress Charles Wah 87 1,965
5 Leiweketywicketywack Duncan Fletcher 63 1,952
6 Wiedeman FC 56 1,933
7 M.A.C. Pro FC Nicholas Paterson 47 1,911
8 KicksandGiggles Duncan Jamieson 78 1,900
9 Alonso's BlarneyArmy Alonso Pena 80 1,889
10 Halifax Blue Brandon Copeland 60 1,877