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How You Doin’? Philadelphia Union, Take Two

Ahead of Saturday’s rematch, Waking the Red swapped questions with William Murphy of Brotherly Game, SB Nation’s Philadelphia Union site, talking ‘interim’ tags, Sebastien Le Toux, and Lineup changes with an important stretch on the horizon. So, Philadelphia, how you doin’? Again…

Scores goal, sets them up, and goes down smooth - is Sebastien Le Toux underappreciated?
Scores goal, sets them up, and goes down smooth - is Sebastien Le Toux underappreciated?
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

WTR: Jim Curtin has done well under the interim tag since taking over from John Hackworth a few months ago, but has he done enough to warrant staying in place? While nowhere near as turbulent as the Toronto situation, there has been a fair share of controversy with the Union, most notably with Piotr Nowak. Is Curtin the man to provide some stability?

BG: Curtin has certainly righted the ship here. Does that make him the man going forward? I'm not exactly sure. Although it may seem a bit unfair to let him play out the remainder of the season as "interim", it's probably best for the franchise. The Union ended up in the trouble they were in because they pulled the trigger too early on Hackworth, I hope they don't make the same mistake twice. That being said, Curtin has done a great job with the tools he was given and should certainly be very much under consideration for the permanent.

WTR: Sebastien Le Toux has been red hot the past two-plus months with Curtin mentioning him as a candidate for the league’s Best XI. Le Toux has been a solid performer in the league since coming over in 2007; while not in the tier of the Thierry Henry’s or Robbie Keane’s, does he get the respect he deserves? And how beloved is he in Philadelphia?

LeToux is just "that guy". No matter where he is he will never get the respect he deserves. He is the guy on the team that makes everyone around them better. He obviously performs better in his more natural position as a striker and Curtin has allowed him to play his game in a position he feels comfortable in. Seba is a genuine human being and a pretty cool guy which makes him an icon in a town like Philadelphia. Will he get a nod in the best XI? Probably not; does he deserve it over some other payers from "marquee" teams? Of course he does.

WTR: Are you expecting any lineup changes for Saturday? I can see Danny Cruz coming in for Andrew Wenger to provide some additional defensive work and shore up that left-side and can Cristian Maidana go twice in a week, fresh off an injury? Is Austin Berry ready to step back into the defense, freeing up Maurice Edu to return to the midfield?

BG: I don't see any unforced line up changes happening. Curtin has been pretty consistent, but playing Maidana twice in a week so soon after an injury is asking for trouble.

Line up: 4-2-3-1

MacMath - Williams White Berry Gaddis - Okugo Edu - Wenger Cruz  LeToux - Casey

Prediction: This has road draw written all over it. I will predict a 0-0 snoozer. The Union really have no choice but to go full steam ahead for the rest of the season and all three points at BMO would go a long way to securing the playoff position they so desperately want, I just think that both teams will run out of gas and stumble through the final 30 minutes.

Check out Brotherly Game for all things Philadelphia Union and Murph can be followed on twitter @TheUnionDues