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Toronto FC vs Philadelphia Union: Game Thread Take Two

Join us here as we once again take on the Union in what will hopefully be a better performance than the last time we were at BMO Field.

Would you like to step a little closer and say that?
Would you like to step a little closer and say that?
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC vs Philadelphia Union

BMO Field, 2pm EST


Time for another thrilling Toronto FC match at BMO Field! Ignore all that smoke rising from MLSE headquarters as Defoe's contract burns -there's still nine games to play!  As is only normal in TFC land the drama doesn't end with reports (well, one report) out of the UK about Jermain Defoe and his desire to get the hell out of the Big Smoke.  While I give little credence to things printed in the Daily Mail it seems more and more unlikely that we'll ever see Defoe in a TFC kit again.  Big Bloody Bust.

Which could also describe this season for Toronto if they can't find a way to get some results out of their next few games.  The season is quickly ebbing and there are not going to be chances to catch up as their luxurious games in hand slip away.

Today's match is especially important as the Union are level with TFC on points and could put our Reds in the danger zone with a win.  Even a draw keeps things dicey with the Crew also level on points and playing - oh look, they're playing Chivas today...joyous.

Toronto's lineup will be an interesting one today as they're still missing multiple players - starters actually - to injury as well some of their bench depth.  Unfortunately most of the injuries have fallen on the defence and well, that's not been TFC's strong suit these past weeks.  It will be up to Michael Bradley, the midfield and the attack to set the tone to allow the defence to get settled.  Cross your fingers on this one folks, it could get even uglier before it gets better.