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Canada vs Jamaica: Preview & game thread.

Follow along here as Canada take on Jamaica in Benito Floro's first game on home soil.

Canada vs Jamaica
BMO Field, 7:30 Eastern
Sportsnet One/Sportsnet World

Alright then, here we go again. You all know the basics I'm sure, the lasrt game Canada won was the last game they played at BMO Field, 3-0 over Cuba, setting up a tie or bust game in Honduras. That one went wrong, Stephen Hart left, eventually Benito Floro took over and for almost 2 years now Canada have been drifting along rather hopelessly, never winning and only occasionally even scoring.

Time to forget all that now, as this more or less marks the next cycle for Canada. World Cup qualification will be starting again next year, and there's the Gold Cup that dangles the unlikely possibility of qualifying for a Copa America, which would be a lot of fun. Floro has said that the time for experimentation js over, that now the time to start trying to build a winning culture. Could that actually happen tonight? I guess so, why not? Stranger things have happened, not that I'm really expecting much.

Hopefully Canada can at least put in a better performance than I did as this is about as much of a preview as I have time for. Instead, I'll link a few things, here's a preview from the CSA:

Sportsnet are showing the game, good for them, so here's a link to their preview as well.

As always though around Canada games, it's Red Nation Online who really step up. If you haven't yet, check out their coverage for some articles and all the player interviews you can shake a stick at. Start here with their preview and interviews with Floro and Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare.

We'll have team news in the comments section once it hits twitter. Most of the waking the red crew will be at the game, hopefully you are too, but if not join us here for commenting throughout the game.

Alllez les rouges.