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Sebastian Giovinco signs with Toronto FC: How to watch press conference

Toronto FC are set to announce their most recent big signing as the club will hold a press conference at 1 PM to confirm the signing of Sebastian Giovinco

Small in stature but a very big deal.
Small in stature but a very big deal.
Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Sebastian Giovinco Official Press Conference

Toronto, On

1:00 PM Eastern

Watch Live: Sportsnet One

Stream: TorontoFC or Sportsnet

Just days after the club officially confirmed the signing of Jozy Altidore on a transfer from Sunderland, Toronto FC will be back at it again on Monday.  The team have again called for the media to gather for they are calling a major player signing announcement.

The announcement is expected to be that the club has come to terms on a pre-contract with Sebastian Giovinco that would would see the Italian international join the club in July once his current contract with Juventus runs out.  It is possible that the team could come to an agreement with Juventus to bring the attacker in earlier than that and such details could be revealed at the press conference.

What will not be revealed at this press conference is any of the financial details of the deal as the club will certainly not be able to confirm the reports that they have just handed Giovinco the most lucrative deal in the league paying him even more than what Orlando City has committed to paying Kaka.

Giovinco is not expected to be present for the press conference having been with his current team for a game yesterday so fans might be stuck having to settle for a short video clip from a player who could just be one of the biggest signings in MLS history.

Hopefully, this press conference will last a bit longer than the Altidore one did and it will be worth tuning in.  If not we will at least have Mitchell on the ground to provide updates from the various scrums that take place after the live portion of the broadcast.