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Kyle Bekker to be Traded to Dallas

The young Canadian has been moved to FC Dallas in exchange for allocation money.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprising revelation, Anthony Totera broke an interesting bit of news this evening with the following tweet:

Multiple tweets soon followed, confirming the news (including a hint from WTR's own Dave Rowaan):

As per the tweets, Canadian midfielder and 2013 Toronto FC draft pick Kyle Bekker has been traded to FC Dallas for allocation money. The amount of funds coming back to Toronto will remain undisclosed by both team and league, but the formal announcement of the transaction will likely be made over the next couple of days.

While Toronto FC fans were largely divided when it came to their opinions of the 24 year old Oakville native, scouts and coaches alike from outside of Toronto seemed to rate Bekker quite highly. As a third overall draft pick, there was always a lot of pressure on the midfielder to succeed, and playing in his hometown seemed to raise expectations even higher. But with Bekker failing to truly impress in his limited opportunities at both defensive and attacking mid, and the Toronto FC midfield growing a little too crowded with the recent additions of Manella, Chapman, and Giovinco, moving Bekker seems a reasonable move, especially if TFC have an anticipated use for the allocation money.

Kyle Bekker is known for his technical ability, and even his critics wouldn’t be able to deny the player possesses a certain skillset- in particular his ability to send long balls forward, and place dangerous set pieces. Bekker’s speed and physicality, especially on the defensive side of the ball, were what often came into question in reviews of his performance. Considering the international slot that Bekker will be occupying with Dallas, the club appears to be banking on the Canadian’s potential to develop further and find his proper role as a useful member of the squad. Should they find success, it could also be very beneficial to the Canadian Men’s National Team.

Kyle Bekker was a useful member of Toronto FC and provided some much needed depth in the midfield, particularly in 2014. But with so many questions around the young player (and only a handful of those were about the hairdo), it’s not entirely surprising to see TFC offload him before the new season begins. While we won’t know for a while whether he’ll be one of the former TFC players to come back and haunt the club, we DO know that for Canada’s sake, it would be fantastic if things work out for him in the Lone Star State.