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Game Thread: Toronto FC vs. New York Red Bulls

Follow along as Toronto FC try to clinch their first ever playoffs spot with a win or draw against the New York Red Bulls.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC vs. New York Red Bulls

7:00 PM EST

BMO Field Toronto, ON


Headliner: Adopting a big game mentality

There's a reason Toronto FC are on the brink of their first ever playoff spot, just as there is a reason that they haven't locked that spot up yet. It comes down to their inability to beat top teams.

Of the top 10 teams in Major League Soccer, Toronto FC have only beat two of them. You could argue three because the currently sit in 10th spot, and they have beat themselves on more than one occasion this year.

There's nothing wrong with dominating the small teams. That is exactly what you need to have a strong regular season record.

But the playoffs cut the fat, and Toronto FC will have to beat top teams if they want to go anywhere in the postseason. This would be a good chance to get this monkey off their back, before it's do or die.

It will also give them a chance to test their depth. Michael Bradley has been ruled out with a groin injury, while Sebastian Giovinco and Jozy Altidore are on the bench.

This will mean other players will need to step up for Toronto FC if they want to get a victory today, something that, again, will need to happen in the playoffs anyways.

Key to the Game: Stopping the counter

It has been the counterattack that has burned Toronto FC this season every time that these two clubs have met. Even with a fairly defensive formation, it could happen again if Toronto FC aren't consistently paying attention.

In this sense Toronto FC have a good mix of defensive players. Having someone like Ashtone Morgan will be especially crucial to stopping the counter attack.

The Lineup:

Toronto FC: Konopka, Jackson, Williams, Perquis, Morrow, Warner, Cheyrou, Delgado, Osorio, Morgan, Gomez