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Blue Jays Loss Gives Toronto FC a Chance to Take Spotlight As Playoffs Start

Toronto FC have long been the odd man out in the Toronto sports market, but the media vacuum the Jays created means the press are now looking for stories just when TFC have a chance to tell a big one.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

This morning the city of Toronto is going through what feels like a massive, a very public, breakup. Torontonians from all different walks of life had fallen in love with the home town Blue Jays, and see their postseason dreams end last night was heartbreaking.

But with the loss, also means the slow dimming of a spotlight that has been exclusively on the Blue Jays for months. Sports sections will start to have space freed up again, and talk shows will clear time to talk about other topics.

There will be a few hangover days, but the Blue Jays will no longer be the talk of the town the way they have been. The timing couldn't be better for Toronto FC. With their first ever playoff appearance coming this next week, the team is trying to get as much public attention as possible.

The good news is that when that sport's section space opens up, Toronto FC will be in prime position to take some of the newly available ink.

Sure, the Toronto Raptors open their season on Wednesday, but the Blue Jays press magnet has taken away most of the hype directed towards basketball. The Leafs have already become as forgettable as they can be as the top dogs in this market, with only 1 win so far.

So Toronto FC has a good chance to get their share of the spotlight, especially, as aforementioned on many occasions, if they have a home playoff game. None of this would have been possible, and may have become worse, if the Blue Jays were still playing.

This was evident on the night Toronto clinched their first ever playoff spot against the New York Red Bulls. With the Blue Jays in the make or break Game 5 of their ALDS series with the Texas Rangers only a few over 18,000 people made the trip out to BMO Field.

The second game of the World Series would have opened up on Wednesday, one of the two days Toronto FC could be playing in a knockout round game. Even if it was the next day, Thursday, everything would have been about the Jays game before.

Instead, when Toronto FC open the playoffs on Wednesday or Thursday, even if it is away from home, they will likely get front page attention. That makes this game incredibly important for a franchise still trying to repair its reputation with Torontonians.

The Blue Jays excited a city with their run, and Toronto FC now have an opportunity to do something similar, but will have to make waves from their very first match and build from there.

This team has to demonstrate a culmination of all the special moments have taken place at times this season. If they can be that team, and prove they are exciting to watch, then Toronto will take notice.

There has been no Toronto FC team more fun to watch than this year edition. They pass the ball incredibly well, they have skilled players like Sebastian Giovinco, Jonathan Osorio and Michael Bradley. They also have a swagger to them that has never been seen before.

Toronto FC have a chance to do something special with a lot of people watching, and that's an opportunity that this organization has never had before.