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2015 MLS Playoff Preview: Toronto FC

A brief playoff preview ahead of Toronto FC's first ever playoff campaign, everyone else on SB Nation is doing them as well, so we decided to join in on the fun.

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It's a cliche in sports, but in Toronto FC's case it will prove true: the club is going to go as far in these playoffs as Sebastian Giovinco is able to take them. This isn't to say that Toronto FC is a one decisional team, far from it, but the atomic ant is the one player who can make this team overachieve.

In order for Giovinco to be firing on full cylinders, however, other Toronto FC players are going to need to be at the top of their game as well. Jonathan Osorio and Michael Bradley have both been notably not as good on the road, and both will need to step up their game.

So, how far can Toronto FC get if they play the way that they have shown at times this season, what happens if they aren't able to reach that level?

Every SB Nation sites are doing a small preview like this for their team, and we finally got included!

How Toronto FC Got to the Playoffs: 15-15-4, 49 points, 6th Spot in the Eastern Conference

What's the Outlook? Toronto FC looked hot coming into the playoffs, but cooled off in the last two games with losses to the Montreal Impact and Columbus Crew that saw them go from second in the Conference to sixth place. The loss to the Impact was a particularly ominous because they will have to face their Canadian rival again in their first playoff game on Thursday.

Upcoming Opponent: Montreal Impact

How they Got Here: 15-13-6, 51 points, 3rd Spot in the Eastern Conference

Record this season between teams: Toronto FC have the edge, having won two of three league games this season, but the key thing to mention here is the fact that Didier Drogba was not in the team for the Montreal Impact for the first two matches. He made all the difference in their final meeting of the season with two superb goals.

Why Toronto FC has the edge: It was evident on Sunday, and it could be evident again, when Toronto FC are at their best they are a better overall team than the Montreal Impact. But they have to hold up defensively.

Why Montreal Impact has the edge: The Impact have seemed like a team of destiny this year ever since their unlikely Champions League run earlier in the season. They will be the favourite going into this match.

Why Toronto FC will Win the MLS Cup: Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahah... no but seriously maybe Giovinco or some weird act of God which could be one in the same.

Why we'll fall short: A variety of reasons, but most likely because the team isn't quite good enough yet to beat the best in Major League Soccer consistently. They've built something this season, but it isn't ready to withstand the test of the playoffs yet.