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Waking the Red 2015 Major League Soccer Awards

With the regular season ending on Sunday, here is who the Waking the Red staff believe should be coming away with silverware for their performances this season.

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Awards season is usually not much fun for Toronto FC supporters as nobody with connections to the club usually wins anything. Well, that is aside from former Toronto FC players. If Waking the Red's staff is to be believed however, a questionable proposition, this year TFC fans can expect more than one award to come home.

Here is who the Waking the Red staff believe should win the year's MLS end of season awards. While we weren't unanimous on some, others we believe are common sense. Post your picks in the comments section below, because we are inevitably wrong about at least a few of these.

Most Valuable Player: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC)

Stouffvillain: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) Lead the league in goals, game winning goals and assists. No one player determined the fate of their team more than Seba.

Michael Veenstra: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) Nobody else comes close, making the homer vote pretty easy.

Dave Rowaan: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) He was the definition of most valuable. Not only did he put up record setting numbers he was essentially all of TFC's attack this season.

James Grossi: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) Don't think this one requires an explanation.

Mitchell Tierney: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) It would have been interesting to see what Didier Drogba could have done over an entire season, but it would be foolish not to pick to atomic ant for this award.

Sven87: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) Despite what some Crew fans think this isn't even close.

Defender of the Year: Laurent Ciman (Montreal Impact)

Stouffvillain: Matt Hedges (FC Dallas) The leader of the FC Dallas defense, probably the best defense in the league, with players like Je-Vaughn Watson, Atiba Harris and Kellyn Acosta logging heavy minutes. FC Dallas had 3 keepers log meaningful minutes this season and still was tough as nails to score on? That's because of Hedges.

Michael Veenstra: A tough toss up for me between Laurent Ciman, who was brilliant for Montreal when not suspended, and Matt Hedges, who was a rock for FC Dallas and quietly put together an excellent season.

Dave Rowaan: Laurent Ciman (Montreal Impact) When Montreal was struggling to do anything on the attacking side of things it was the play of Ciman that kept them within touching distance of the rest of the Eastern Conference. No one did a better job of anchoring a back line this season than he did.

James Grossi: Kendall Waston (Vancouver Whitecaps) The guy is just dominant is every way. Near-unbeatable in the air, sharp enough to not get exposed for pace despite his size, and can score the occasional crucial goal at the other end.

Mitchell Tierney: Laurent Ciman (Montreal Impact) Before there was Drogba, there was Ciman and the reason why the Montreal Impact were still in playoff contention when the Ivory coast striker arrived.

Sven87: Chad Marshall (Seattle Sounders) Chad Marshall. Why not give the Nick Lidstrom of MLS another? With Seattle sharing the lowest goals against of the season (with Vancouver), it's tough NOT to hand the award to a Sounder backliner- and who better than Marshall to claim it.

Goalkeeper of the Year: David Ousted (Vancouver Whitecaps)

Stouffvillain: David Bingham (San Jose) Don't think that most people expected much from San Jose this season but they had a shot at the playoffs until the final day of the season in large part because of the stand out play by Bingham.

Michael Veenstra: Another tough toss up for me. Bill Hamid had some stretches of the season where he was unbeatable, while David Ousted of Vancouver put together a great season before Vancouver's end of season slide.

Dave Rowaan: Stefan Frei (Seattle Sounders) He may not have racked up the win totals of someone like Robles but his consistent performances were crucial to a Sounders team that really did not look like themselves for large stretches of this season. He was number one in save percentage and number 2 in goals against average among keepers who started the entire season.

James Grossi: David Ousted (Vancouver Whitecaps) A major reason for Vancouver's league-low in goals against (tied with Seattle on 36). Pulls off the quintessential game-saver and does so with a certain amount of style.

Mitchell Tierney: David Ousted (Vancouver Whitecaps) Ousted is not just one of the best goalkeepers in Major League Soccer, he is one of the best backline generals. Proof the quality of goaltending in Major League Soccer is very good.

Sven87: David Ousted (Vancouver Whitecaps) Vancouver fans seem to think David Ousted deserved it, so why not. It's always hard to pry the award out of Nick Rimando's hands, and Stefan Frei's save percentage (77 and change) was very impressive this season- but Ousted's dependability (all 34 games played), and the fact that only 2 out of 6 penalties against him found the back of the net, make him worthy of the award this season.

Newcomer of the Year: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC)

Stouffvillain: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) See MVP.

Michael Veenstra: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) For obvious reasons.

Dave Rowaan: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) He is already going to be the MVP and he is a newcomer so that should make the Atomic Ant a lock to win this award even if Didier Drogba will probably get some love for his 11 goals in 11 appearances.

James Grossi: David Villa (New York City) Could easily have gone to Giovinco, but wanted to spread out the love and recognize how great a season Villa had with a struggling side.

Mitchell Tierney: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) He had the best Major League Soccer season ever and therefore any award he is nominated for he should win.

Sven87: Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) Se...bastian!!

Rookie of the Year: Cyle Larin (Orlando City SC)

Stouffvillain: Cyle Larin (Orlando City SC) After being selected #1 overall to an expansion team he scored 17 goals. Not only that but he finished with a goals/90 minute ratio of 0.80. The only players with a better ratio were Robbie Keane and Didier Drogba (minimum 5 goals). That is great company to be in.

Michael Veenstra: Cyle Larin (Orlando City SC) Cyle Larin set a rookie goalscoring record. He was downright excellent.

Dave Rowaan: Cyle Larin (Orlando City SC) this is an even easier call than Giovinco as Larin did everything you could have hoped for in his rookie year. 17 goals, the rookie scoring record, and a big reason that Orlando were at least in the playoff race until late in the season.

James Grossi: Cyle Larin (Orlando City SC) Sets a new rookie record for goals-scored, registered some absolutely stunning strikes, and is Canadian. Far out-stripped the rest of the rookie class with an expansion side no less.

Mitchell Tierney: Cyle Larin (Orlando City SC) If it wasn't for Sebastian Giovinco, Cyle Larin's rookie season would likely have earned himself a spot in the league MVP conversation.

Sven87: Cyle Larin (Orlando City SC) Good Canadian kid and rookie scoring record crusher Cyle Larin. Really hope he stays in MLS another year or two... it would be great for his development and fun for us fans.

Coach of the Year: Jesse Marsch (New York Red Bulls)

Stouffvillain: Carl Robinson (Vancouver Whitecaps) Robbo gets the most out of his roster, young and experienced a like. Vancouver deals with absences of players better than anyone in the league and are able to bring players in or out of the lineup without any real drop off. I give that credit to Robinson.

Michael Veenstra: Jesse Marsch (New York Red Bulls) He went from that outrageous town hall meeting to Supporter's shield winner. That's pretty good.

Dave Rowaan: Jesse Marsch (New York Red Bulls) he took over a good Red Bulls team but one that had a lot of question marks about what they would be moving forward. The team no longer has the big money DPs on the roster but what they have under Marsch is a clear identity and playing style. He was a big part of the reason that this team finished the year with a Supporters Shield.

James Grossi: Jesse Marsch (New York Red Bulls) Honourable mentions for Oscar Pareja and Carl Robinson, who both, like Marsch, led sides that few would have chosen before the season began to have big years. Marsch took a side that looked a shambles, not on the field, but off it, and coalesced that group in Supporters Shield winners.

Mitchell Tierney: Jesse Marsch (New York Red Bulls) Marsch not only kept a team afloat that most thought would miss the playoffs, he turned a toxic New York situation into triumph.

Sven87: Jesse Marsch (New York Red Bulls) Greg Va... oh sorry, thought it said coach most deserving of a sacking. Impossible not to give this to Jesse Marsch. Thierry who??