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After The Anthem #4: MLS Decision Day Recap, The Knockout Round, and Kitty FIFA

On the latest episode of After the Anthem the lads talk break down MLS decision day and give a knockout round preview for all of the Canadian teams.

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Looking to beat Toronto FC's record for most turnover, the podcast turns to the third host in three weeks as Michael Norton of Last Word on Sports takes over, with Mitchell Tierney of Waking the Red riding shotgun.

The lads kick off discuss by talking about MLS decision day, and why it was a good choice for major league soccer as a marketing move. They also get really confused as to how DC United lost so badly... like wow.

In the second segment it's all about Toronto FC's game with the Montreal Impact and how Didier Drogba ruined Toronto's final day of the season. With that in mind, they preview the knockout round fixture between these two teams and how far this rivalry has come.

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Not wanting to anger Vancouver Whitecaps fans, who should be the happiest of Canadian MLS supporters right now, the lads review the situation out west. This includes probably overhyping how much depth the Whitecaps have considering Toronto FC and the Impact are about as deep as a kiddie pool.

Finally, with the next round of World Cup qualifying coming up in November, the guys broke down the refereeing controversy surrounding Canada's opening game against Honduras. This led into a discussion about refereeing for the Toronto FC- Impact match, and who we think is going to be sent off.

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