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MLSE reportedly find Leiweke replacement

MLSE have finally found their man to replace Tim Leiweke as President with TSN reporting that the hiring of Michael Friisdahl could be made official soon.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Today is a day that Toronto FC fans have been waiting the better part of a decade for.  It is the day where our team was finally supposed to grab a bit of the spotlight in Toronto as they make their first ever playoff appearance.  So it should come as no surprise that today would be the day that several major stories break in the world of Toronto sports.

With Shi Davidi reporting that Alex Anthopoulos will be leaving the Blue Jays there will be hardly any space left in the daily news cycle for talk of Toronto's soccer team.  That would have been bad enough but then TSN had to break a story of their own with Rick Westhead sharing the latest on MLSE's search for a President which may finally be over.

The hiring of a new President was a very long process for MLSE.  It was supposed to have been resolved back in the spring so that Tim Leiweke could move on to other opportunities including potentially joining up with David Beckham to help with bringing MLS to Miami.

The resume of the new head honcho at MLSE is a very different one from what Big Tim brought to the table and that may just be a good thing from Toronto FC's perspective.  His background is in the business world and he should be focused on that side of things on a day-to-day basis.  When Leiweke was very hands on with TFC over his time in the role we expect that Friisdahl will be almost the exact opposite.

It was long expected that the next President of MLSE would be someone more business minded which is why MLSE decided that they needed to go out and hire a President to help with the running of Toronto FC.  While Friisdahl will oversee things the majority of the work involved in running the soccer team will be done by new President Bill Manning and General Manager Tim Bezbatchenko.

In an ideal world the hiring of Friisdahl will have very little direct impact on Toronto FC.  The money will keep coming in to the club to try and build a winner and it will be up to Manning and Bezbatchenko to determine how best to do that.  It really should not change all that much at least not in the short-term.

Now with that bit of news out of the way lets get back to the playoffs!!