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Sebastian Giovinco Taunted by Montreal Impact Supporters After Playoff Loss

Last night was not a good night for the 401 derby off the field, as reports of fan violence and mistreatment dominated social media even before the match had started.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Sebastian Giovinco has seemed pretty happy since he arrived in Canada, and why not? Ever since he landed in Toronto he has been treated like a superstar by the Italian community and beyond. From there he has enjoyed a record setting season on the pitch, while by all account enjoying the city of Toronto.

Giovinco's exploits have put him back in the conversation, in a big way, for the Italian national team after two straight call-ups and a pair of successful substitute appearances earlier this month.

What happened last night, however, may change Giovinco's perception. For one, Toronto FC was heavily embarrassed against their biggest rival in the playoffs. Giovinco had a difficult game, in which he was completely shutdown by the Impact who didn't have many other threats to eliminate in the Toronto attack.

What happened after the game may have incensed him even more, however. When Sebastian Giovinco was walking out of Saputo Stadium he was berated by a number of Impact supporters, and this happened.

While he was signing autographs for supporters after the match, a couple of fans started taunting Giovinco. Incensed, the Italian turns to confront them, and they continue. 

Clearly having said something, Giovinco has a go at them before being held back by security. He is then led away by a security guard and Ashtone Morgan looking frustrated at Montreal supporters laugh.

Most of the Impact supporters there were just looking for an autograph from one of the star players in the league, but a select few were looking to rub in their team's result.

This is an unfortunate lasting memory for the player who had the best single season in MLS history. It's not that he should be handled with kid gloves, but one would think a player who is so integral to what the league is trying to build would be treated with more respect.

The lack of these sort of antics is part of what makes Major League Soccer so special, it is a league that rarely falls into hooliganism and misbehaviour. Last night was an unfortunate towards that as the worst of two fanbases came out to play.