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Introducing After The Anthem: Waking the Red's Podcast

Waking the Red is back on the radio airwaves as we are proud to introduce the After the Anthem podcast in partnership with Arslan Siddiqui and Michael Norton of Last Word FC.

Because we didn't feel the current format gave us enough opportunity to yell and talk about pressing issues like how boring the discussions are between elderly Nova Scotian's, Waking The Red (or at least me) has decided to start a podcast!

I'm joined by Arslan Siddiqui, who hosts the podcast and tries desperately to pronounce Wandrille Lefevre, and Michael Norton who stretches too much on airplanes. Here is our first episode, which due to technical difficulties sounds like it was recorded on a 1940's microwave, but we will work on that we promise. Here is our first (third) episode:

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On this episode of the show, the guys discuss how ticked off they are at the Montreal Impact for once again dropping the ball when they were counting on them for a win. In the Canadian national team section of the podcast they talk Olympic qualifiers, and how ridiculous national team soccer is becoming.

Then they get side tracked and start talking a bunch about Nova Scotia for no good reason.

The podcast will be up shortly on Itunes, so we will let you know when that takes place. Until then, if you have anything you would like us to talk about on the show, feel free to hit us up on twitter or in the comments section below. Unless it is another province, we have made a vow to only talk about Nova Scotia.